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StartUp Creative magazine is a rotating rotisserie of extraordinary stories - a collection of young people starting, running and selling their own businesses. It is basically a compendium of bonafide-flipping-superstars that dared to plunge into the unknown.

We expect you’ll be inspired and empowered in the knowledge that managing a business you love isn’t a pipedream as much as an opportunity waiting to come to life, requiring persistence and sleep deprivation and a reckless renegade spirit of possibility and positivity. StartUp Creative Magazine features inspiring real stories, hot tips on how to get started, informative articles as well as referrals to business coaching, accountants and other industry professionals who can promote your business and propel it forward.

The first edition was officially launched in September 2014. With distribution extending across Australia, France, the United States, New Zealand and Norway, as well as taking prized place on counters of Virgin Australia Lounges across the country, StartUp Creative Magazine is clearly recognised for its potential to see young people grab hold of their own. Founder and resident cheer captain Kaylene Langford used her prowess and industry savvy to band together a team of passionate creatives who all shared the same desire: to create a unique and epic publication that features (and inspires) amazing young entrepreneurs in Australia.

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