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StartUp Creative is a unique business incubator, magazine, online course, and professional development and mentoring program tailored specifically for young people (yew!). There is no denying that 15 to 35 year olds are kick-ass and full of unbridled and exuberant entrepreneurial spirit. However, much of this enthusiasm is thwarted by a lack of experience and knowledge required to develop their ideas into viable businesses.

Added to that, many young would-be business people can’t access business development and incubator programs unless they are enrolled in tertiary programs, often with an affiliated university. That’s cool and all, but Richard Branson didn’t even complete high school, let alone have a piece of paper to hang on his wall. Enter StartUp Creative.

StartUp Creative intends to fill the gap between the enigmatic would-be’s and bonafide business moguls – by offering a series of programs, workshops and coaching sessions to support young people daring enough to take the leap and start a business.

Kaylene Langford
At the helm of StartUp Creative is Kaylene Langford - young entrepreneur, passionate coach and dedicated mentor. Kaylene is genuinely committed to bringing together young, motivated individuals and connecting them with industry experts, funding opportunities, development programs and mentors. By acting as a conduit between opportunities and outcomes, Kaylene is determined to support and champion a new generation of Australian entrepreneurs and business owners.

Working with young people to help them realise their potential and exceed their own expectations is a fulfilling and rewarding cause to pursue, and one that Kaylene takes seriously. Today’s youth face unique challenges, and with over seven years’ experience developing and delivering youth programs, driving initiatives to support youth development, and mentoring young people, Kaylene eagerly offers empowerment, encouragement and support to those with initiative and passion.

With an impressive and extensive professional network and industry knowledge born of experience and diligence, Kaylene is proud to offer StartUp Creative as a platform to connect creative, innovative proteges with organisations and opportunities that are capable of turning business ideas into reality.

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