Matthew Carpenter - Ship Your Enemies Glitter


Less than 3 weeks ago 22-year-old Matthew Carpenter started a website that sold a catchy service - he would mail your enemies glitter for $9.99. Last week he sold the business for an alleged $81,000.

We caught up with Matthew prior to selling the business and asked him a few questions about where and how he started.

Where did the idea come from? 

My New Years resolution was to work on more side projects & this was my first thought. As a kid, friends, family & relatives liked to put glitter inside birthday & Christmas cards which made me rage. I thought people would like to send their enemies something that I personally hate & it turns out a lot of people do.

How long did it take you to set up?

The website took 48 hours to build. The longest part was the illustration which was created by:

How did you get such a simple idea to go viral? 

There is no definite strategy to making something go viral. In this case it was a combination of a few things including targeting something that people unknowingly hate, creating a unique angle with the website and copy & then just a lot of pure dumb luck.

What’s your tricks for spreading the word?

See above.

Have you send any glitter out yet?

The website has only been launched for a few days & we've received over 2,000 orders already. I wasn't expecting this many orders so I do have a large backlog.

Are you going to sell? 

The website is for sale! 

What’s your asking price for the business?

The website was listed for sale as an auction of Flippa. You can view it here: - the auction was launched with the starting bid of $1.

Have you got other businesses? 

You should check out my other side project that doesn't receive too many visitors:

What’s your top tip for young people who have an idea they want to launch? 

Just do it, get it live & see what happens. 

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