Have you got an idea for a business but aren’t sure where to start or how to get it really cranking? Are you inspired and passionate, but hungry for clarity and direction to help take your business/concept/project/idea to the next level? Have you finally accepted that you hate your job and are ready to start making a living doing what you love? Business coaching is for you.

Kaylene Langford has worked with 100's of people to help them kickstart their business ideas. Haven't got a business idea? Need help boosting an already amazing business? Wherever you're at on your journey, Kaylene can offer you a tailored coaching session to suit your every need.




  • Business structure and systems 
  • Branding overhaul 
  • Marketing strategy 
  • Social media content & plan 
  • Defining your target market and finding them 
  • Sales and advertising planning 
  • Business logistics & back end 
  • Goal setting and measuring growth 




Are you just starting out and looking for the ultimate toolkit to get you moving in the right direction ASAP?  This ultimate startup pack will kick start your journey quick smart!  Begin in your own time working through the 4 modules of the online course, join our online community of over 200 like-minded young entrepreneurs and get personalised 1:1 advice from Kaylene on where to take your business. From there you can get stuck into the 'What The Hell Next?' Marketing E-book and Workbook to take your idea to the next level. The weekly planner will keep you on track day to day and a follow up consult with Kaylene will ensure you've got everything you need to build your own empire.

Limited packages available* Available until sold out. 



• StartUp Creative 411 Business Plan Document 

• What The Hell Am I Doing? Online Course 

• Access to the StartUp Creative Closed Facebook Group 

• What The Hell Next? Marketing 101 E-Book 

• What The Hell Next? Marketing 101 Workbook 

• Marketing 101 Health Check Worksheet 

• A3 Weekly planner notepad, mailed to your front door 

• 1 hour coaching session with Kaylene 

• 30 minute follow up phone call and email support with Kaylene post coaching session 

Total - $399 (valued at $679) 

Please note: Once you purchase the package you will automatically be sent the content and Kaylene will contact you within 48 hours to book in your coaching session and arrange for your planner to be sent out. 

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