Online Course FAQ


When does registration open?

Registrations are always open for the course. Join in your own time. 

When do I get access to the FB group?

As soon as you buy the course you will receive an email which will prompt you to request access to the private FB page. Once your purchase has been verified by StartUp Creative we will grant you access. 

When does the course actually start?

You can start the course whenever you're ready. After signing up you will receive the pre-course content plus all 4 modules. We recommend doing it over a 4 week period but feel free to work at your own pace. 

How long do I have to do the course? 

The course is self-paced, so you can do it at you can take as long as you want to complete it. Once you purchase the course it is yours to keep. You can even print the course and fill it out by hand if you like.

Do I have to complete tests or assignments as a part of the course?

No, it is a self-directed learning course packed with informative information for you to implement at your own pace. 

So how does an online course work?

The course starts with you working out what it is that you're passionate about. From there you will be able define a business model, identify your target market, develop a marketing plan, learn to pitch, establish collaborative partners and much much more. 

What if I have questions about the course along the way? 

The best and quickest way to get an answer will be to engage in the Facebook group where Kaylene and other StartUp Creative team members will be actively responding to questions anyone might have. No doubt your fellow class mates can offer input and support as well. 

What will I get out of the course? 

The course is designed to help you take an idea or passion you have and turn it into a viable business. We will provide you with tips, tricks, advice, links, resources and inspiration to help you make it a reality. By the end of the course you should have a clear idea of what kind of business you would like to run, what business model you will use, how you will get your first customer and what you need to do to launch it to the wider public. 

We will also cover the following topics:

Module #1 - Let’s do this

  • Clarity on what you want to build/create/sell 
  • Where exactly to start 
  • Hot tips from professionals in the field 
  • Tips on goal setting 
  • Resources, books and podcasts 

Module #2 - Business Model + Cash Flow

  • Understanding your business model 
  • Identifying where and how you’re going to make money 
  • Focusing on your product and bringing it to life 
  • Understanding cash flow 
  • Growing your initial idea to the net level 

Module #3 - Target Market+ Marketing

  • Understanding + identifying your customer  
  • Avenues for sales 
  • Increasing sales 
  • How to best brand yourself + your business 
  • Managing your online presence 
  • Networking + Pitching 
  • Collaborations and growing your followers 
  • Tips of media + Pr 

Module #4 - Making it all Happen

  • Building and launching a website 
  • Securing your Business name
  • How to name your business 
  • Online tools/accounts to streamline your business 
  • Setting up a professional email 
  • Taxes + legal business structures
  • How to price your business 
  • Sales projections and business overheads 

Can I get a full refund if I don’t like the course, or don’t have time to complete it?

No, the course is non-refundable. Please choose carefully. We honestly don’t think you’ll want a refund, we’re pretty damn confident you’ll love it!