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Do you ever have those moments where you silently wonder ‘What the HELL am I doing?’
Perhaps the incessant and seemingly never ending 9-5 slog at your desk job is starting to grind your gears of what is reasonable and maintainable?

Frankly, we hear ya! Not everyone is wired to fit into somebody else’s schedule day in, day out. Some of us are more entrepreneurial in spirit - that is - we work best in managing ourselves, and dreaming big to launch incredible businesses and ideas.

If you’ve always slotted into that category, welcome! We are here for you. Realistically, you could call StartUp Creative your knight in shining armour. We’re here to whisk you off to greener pastures.

Sound like a dream? It is, just one that happens to be your reality as well!

Your Dream:

- To fulfil your passion and turn that passion into your career.
- To become a successful business owner.
- To live an exciting, inspiring life where you’re constantly pinching yourself!

So how do you progress a dream into a dream career?

StartUp Creative Director Kaylene Langford has devised the perfect four-module online course to turn that brilliant idea you’ve got bubbling away in your brand into your dream career.

The ‘What The Hell Am I Doing?” online course is fun, interactive and motivational - the perfect formula to give you the inspiration and drive to flip over that office cubicle desk and ride off into the night laughing maniacally and majestically with a new set of business wings. Turn your life into the one you’re proud to lead.

$199 will gain you access to the full 4- module online course as well as membership to the 'What The Hell Am I Doing' Facebook community.

So what are you waiting for?! Sign up!




Kaylene is our go-to Gal... A real go-getter who has created a community for like minded entrepreneurs and built a solid platform to help other creatives. The brain child behind the movement that is StartUp Creative and a trusted advisor of Pineapple PR, ‘What The Hell Am I Doing’ is a must for anyone who is looking at turning their passion project into their career. We could not recommend this course highly enough!
— Kat Orchard, Pineapple PR

 Step By Step Business Assistance

 Imagine the possibilities of having:


·  Step-by-step assistance on how to get your business up and running

·  Realistic outlines on how to move your passion into your career

·  Interactive questions, worksheets and planning templates

·  Resources to inspire and fuel your drive

· Business models

·  Expert, real advice

· Marketing, PR & social media tips and tricks


‘What The Hell Am I Doing?’ will give you a great head start to

running the business you’ve dreamed of!


By utilising real world knowledge of the startup industry and planning a kick-ass business model,

this online course will help you pave the road to success!






The ‘What The Hell Am I Doing’ course was like taking a breath of fresh air after being under water opening my mind and heart & connecting with and creating ideas. All I felt was possibility, flow, positivity, and potential. I knew by the end of it that I wanted to work with Kaylene to further explore my ideas. Kaylene became my coach, and held space for my ideas, bringing her own ideas, and perspective that I never could have imagined. My favourite part of working with her is the regular ‘A-Ha!’ moments we have together, when we expand an idea, or look at a challenge differently. I have found working with Startup Creative nothing short of Inspiring.
— Brit Scooby, Healthy Kids Travel

About Kaylene (Startup Creative's Director!)

 Turn Your Passion Into Your Business

So who am I to preach to you?

I’ve done a few things in my life that will instil your confidence. Here’s a brief roundup of things I’m great at, and stuff I’ve achieved over the last little while:

  • I was crazy enough to think I could, and so I quit my job in the 9-5 corporate sector to begin StartUp Creative & assist others with similar goals and dreams. 

  • I’ve supported over 250 young entrepreneurs throughout Australia in the last 12 months.  

  • Director of StartUp Creative magazine, dreamed up and launched in 2014 in just 9 weeks, and it’s still going!

  • StartUp Creative Magazine is stocked and distributed across Australia + Internationally, and featured in all Virgin Lounges Australia-wide.

  • Proficient at large scale events: Organised and sold-out two magazine launches; ran initial recruitment drives for SENSE mentoring programs.

  • Talented at writing and delivering creative programs and workshops.

  • In demand Guest Speaker + mentor at events across Australia.

  • 2015 Telstra Young Business woman of the year finalist

If you’ve struggled with focus and motivation, and you’ve wanted to curl further under your doona on a Monday morning, I can totally relate. I’m here to tell you that your work life doesn’t have to suck. Work isn’t meant to drain and leave you wondering WHY you bother. I’m here to also tell you that feeling stuck and frustrated is a bullshit way to live: it leads to stress, anxiety and all sorts of negativity. It’s okay to think you can have it all, it’s okay to think different, and you shouldn’t have to excuse your dreams. It’s time to reverse defeatist thinking, and to make shit happen! 

I absolutely live by my credo of a creative + free lifestyle - no work on Monday or Fridays, take no crap, no prisoners, push those closed doors open and hell yes, always go with your passion!

Join me to make your dreams a reality.

Kaylene X




Have you ever used a business coach that is positively brilliant and you just have to tell people? This is exactly what happened after my first meeting with Kaylene Langford! Her passion and expertise in delivering services and consulting around startups, innovation, business, youth services and social media are as good as I have engaged. She has a powerful vision and the abilities to create real impact for those she works with. I recommend her online course wholeheartedly.
— Shike Vanderwerff, Lifestyle Coach & Speaker

Want to know more? Here's a sneak peak inside:


Module One: Let's Do This!

  • Clarity on what you want to build/create/sell

  • Where exactly to start

  •  Hot tips from professionals in the field

  • Tips on goal setting

  •  Resources, books and podcasts

Module Two: Business Model + Cash Flow

  • Understanding your business model

  • Identifying where and how you’re going to make money

  • Focusing on your product and bringing it to life

  • Understanding cash flow

  • Growing your initial idea to the next level 

Module Three: Target Market + Marketing

  • Understanding + identifying your customer

  • Avenues for sales

  • Increasing sales

  • How to best brand yourself + your business

  • Managing your online presence

  • Networking + Pitching

  • Collaborations and growing your followers

  • Tips on Media, PR and social media

Module Four: Making It All Happen

  • Building and launching a website

  • Securing your Business name

  • How to name your business

  • Online tools/accounts to streamline your business

  • Setting up a professional email

  • Taxes + legal business structures

  • How to price your business

  • Sales projections and business overheads 



Read the online course FAQ here

Three years ago I didn’t know what the hell I was doing with my life. I wanted to be a sexologist & run my own business, but didn’t know how. Enter Kaylene. With ongoing business coaching & workshops, Kaylene helped me launch my idea into a full-time buzzing, successful career. Inspiring, uplifting, heart-driven & outcome focussed, Kaylene is absolutely amazing. This course is jam-packed full of content that will blow your socks off. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
— Juliet Allen, Sexologist & Author


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