StartUp Squad FAQ


When is my first payment deducted?

You will be charged $25 when you sign up. Each month your nominated card will be charged on the same day every month. 

What day does my card get charged every month?

The same date and time you signed up.

What if I want to change my billing cycle?

Just flick Kaylene an email and we can make it a day that suits you best. 

What if I want to cancel?

Sorry to hear you're leaving us. If you want to exit the squad at anytime please give us 30 days notice and we will cancel your subscription on our end. 

How can I cash in my discounted coaching session with Kaylene?

Follow this link to email Kaylene directly and let her know you're a squad member, she will hook you up ASAP. 

How is the coaching session delivered?

All coaching sessions are via Skype or phone.

Where is my card information stored? 

We use Stripe to store all sensitive information.

What if I signed up with the wrong email address?

Flick us an email and we can update your profile on our end.

When and how will the webinars be delivered? 

Once a month you will receive an invite to join the webinar hosted by Kaylene. Webinars are hosted live on this platform.  Get to know the software as we will not be able to provide technical support for joining the webinar. 

When do I get my weekly email?

All weekly emails come on Mondays and Wednesdays. If it doesn't arrive, check your junk mail or contact Kaylene.

What if I need more help with my business? 

You're welcome to engage in the Facebook group for particular support or extras questions you might have. If you’re looking to up the contact time with Kaylene, you can purchase a 1:1 coaching session with Kaylene for your discounted price of $99. You might also enjoy our self paced online business course, What The Hell Am I Doing?

Can I get a refund?

Sorry no payments can be refunded.