3 Easy Ways To Get More Paying Customers

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want more paying customers in their business?  As overwhelming as it might feel, there are a few simple and cheap ways you land yourself more cashed up customers.

First things first. You’re never going to find more customers or even more of the right customers if you don’t take time out of the everyday hustle to work ‘on the business’.

Before we get started, you might like to take 10 minutes to download our free ‘Business Marketing Health Check’ Worksheet to review where you are currently at with your marketing strategy.

Here are my 3 easy ways to get you more paying customers in your business today.

1. Show them what you’re made of (before they even pay). Customers have lots of options available to them when they are shopping for good/services. You need to give them a reason as to why they would choose you.

Working for free can be a real bitch.  But when you’re in need of customers or even newer and bigger customers, offering your goods/services for free so you can get quality runs on the board can be a very quick way to land yourself more loyal customers. Whilst the initial gig won’t make you money, when you nail that job, that customer is going to want to return and chances are they will bring their friends and family with them. There can also be some hidden benefits like photo opportunities, social media shares and leveraging off someone else’s name and or reputation.

2. Go to existing customers. Even if you only have one customer, you are in the game, congratulations! It is easy to get caught up measuring your successes by the thousands of social media followers, website visitors or app users. In doing this we forget to value the customers we do have. Even if your one and only customer is your mum, do your absolute best work, give outstanding customer service and blow her mind with the quality.

A paying customer, no matter how small is showing trust in you and your business. You should be very grateful and respectful of that. They are giving you an opportunity to show what you are capable of. From there you are in a position to ask them what else they might need from you. If you can keep the customer coming back over and over again you will save yourself time on having to acquire new interest. It is cheaper for you to keep an existing, trusting customer than it is to win over a new and uncertain customer. Take care of those you have and keep asking what else you can do for them, you will be surprised.

3. Be remarkable. If you think it is enough to just deliver a product/service that people might want or need, you are wrong. Customers expect more, they want to be wow-ed. The same old just wont cut it anymore. I encourage you to think of what you can do in your business that will blow your customers mind. Be it OUTSTANDING customer service, hand delivery, confetti in their parcel or a free elephant ride with purchase. Do something that will make your customers remember you and even better, talk about you. Don’t be plain, it’s boring.