3 Simple Ways To Get More Of What You Want In Life

We all have a never ending list of things we want in or for our life, be it hopes and dreams for the future, travel destination, ‘stuff’ or cold hard cash. The problem is, so many of us have limited beliefs about what we can actually have in our life. I’m here to remind you, incase no one has ever told you, that you can have it all! It’s as simple as that! No bullshit! If you truly want something in and for your life, I believe you can have it. Here’s how.

1.Believe that you’re worthy of it. Truly go into your heart and tell yourself that you’re allowed to have that nice car, three months of travel around the world, a beautiful at home office, rooftop cocktail party or million dollar business. Whatever it is that you truly, deeply desire, let your head and heart know that it is ok to want that, and tell them you are going to get it.

2.Change your language. Start paying attention to the truths that you are speaking into your own life. If you catch yourself saying things like ‘I’d never be able to afford that’ than chances are your right, you never will be able to afford it because that is the truth you just spoke into your life. Your words play a huge role in your reality so be careful about what you speak into your own life let alone someone else’s. Start by using bold, confident language about what it is that you DO want for you life and witness the difference in how you go about life and what you begin to attract.

3.Follow your instincts and surrender. Your small, tunnel visioned, human mind could not begin to physically comprehend the infinite possibilities that exist in the universe at every spilt second. You trying to control the exact outcome of how you are going to get what you want in life is like trying to stop a wave from crashing, it can’t be done. What you do have control over is your choices. You can either make them from your head in a very logical, small minded wayor you can drop down into your heart and gut and listen to your instinct. In my experience instinct is always the less painful option. Be sure to surrender your wants/needs/desires and trust that they will come to you when the timing is right.

Happy manifesting.

Kaylene x