3 Steps to Bring Back Your Motivation

Have you found yourself struggling to get started on your to-do list, take action on your goals and find yourself thinking there’s never enough time to get shit done? 

I hear you. I’ve often found myself in the same boat and it is a common occurrence in the coaching clients I work with across the globe. 

I firmly believe that a businesses success is a combination of viability (the ability for the company to make a profit) and a founders ability to take action. 

It’s worth noting that motivation to take action will ebb and flow throughout the stages of your business. The good news is that with the right strategies, strong will power and consistent effort that it can be kickstarted. Just like with any new skill, it first takes understanding when and where you feel unmotivated, educating yourself about what strategies work best for you and then comes the mastery of the daily habits until it becomes an unconscious and automated response that has you harnessing your focus and motivation and not being pulled off track when the roadblocks appear.

Here are 3 tips to help you activate your motivation: 

  • Get clear on your intention/direction- When you don’t know where you’re headed how do you expect to know where to start? Often motivation gets derailed by a lack of clarity on what we are out to achieve. In this pre-decision phase we are more likely to get distracted, lose interest and spin in circles avoiding taking action. The first step to activating motivation is to make a deliberate and clear decision about where you plan on going. When was the last time you revisited your 5 year plan, told someone you big picture or got excited about a goal that got your excited? 
  • Commit to the end goal- Even if the initial direction is not where you end up, research shows that committing to one direction will allow you to laser focus on the necessary steps required to actualise the goal/tasks at hand. If you have a number of options and are working toward multiple goals at once, decide on which one holds the most value for you right now. Which one appears most attractive or desirable to you as well as feasibility (the degree to which you feel you are personally capable of achieving) Start there, and start making a plan about what actions will be required actualise the goal. It doesn’t need to be perfect but starting with a brain dump is better than nothing. 
  • Channel your will-power- Start before you’re ready or feel like it. Action is defined as a goal directed behaviour. Many of us are capable of forming an intention to start a business or sit down and work through our to-do list but the action required to do so isn’t always easy. This is where your will-power comes in and can spur you into action. In order to activate one’s will power you require a level of self regulation and determination. It comes down to you and you alone. You must make a firm commitment to yourself and your end goal.
    • Why do you want it?
    • What is on the other side of the action that you want in your life?
    • How will it make your life better?
    • What reward can you offer yourself to further inspire you and how will you know when you’ve achieved it?

Revisit your to-do list and give each action on their a reason or clear outcome. e.g when I complete X I will experience Y in my business. Does it increase your reach, showcase you’re an expert, mean that people will pay their invoices or give you more time? Once you’re clear on why everything is on the to-do list. Ask yourself what is the most important next step for my business today? Now rearrange your to-do list in order of tasks that contribute to the bigger picture. 

Research shows that when we are not clear on or aren’t fully committed to our end goal we are less likely to initiate or maintain goal orientated action. We are more at risk of disengaging from actions required to achieve our goals and will easily be distracted but competing desires.

When we are able to make a firm commitment by identifying our personal desire and feasibility to achieve the tasks at hand we will be inspired to self regulate in times low motivation. By activating our will power to start with making a plan we increase our chances of taking action and therefore actualising our goals .


For more productivity tips and to get help on designing a specific plan suited to your needs and schedule, get it touch of a 1:1 Productivity Coaching Session with Kay