3 Things I Learnt Over Coffee With A Millionaire

I recently got chatting with a guy I know who became a millionaire by starting and selling his own coffee shop. I love our conversations because his mind is even more busy with ideas than mine and I always learn something from him.

Being an prominently online business I am always fascinated by what I can learn from the traditional brick and mortar style businesses.

Here are the 3 things I learnt over coffee with a millionaire:

  1. Build relationships.  I think the world of social media tricked me into believing that by talking ‘at’ my customer all day through social channels would get me what I needed, paying customers. What I seem to have forgotten was that business, like anything lasting and successful in this world, is built on honest, authentic relationships. I needed the reminder to take time out to stop and get to know my customers and followers. So in a bid to do this more, if you have a spare 2 mins today, please flick me an email and introduce yourself, I would love to hear from you. Tell me where you’re from and show me your business. 
  2. Be present in your business.  The truth is businesses don’t run themselves. They require leaders with strong visions and fierce determination to bring them to life. I realised that I need to spend more time replying to emails, social media comments and enquiries. As time consuming as it can be, it shows that I am a real person behind the brand and builds trust with my audience.
  3. Be an example. You can’t do business alone. It is impossible to be a one person band and have the success you desire. But getting people to work as hard for your dream as you do is sometimes impossible, unless you set an example. I’ve learnt that treating people how you want to be treated and setting up your expectations from the very beginning can be the simplest form of inspiring people to work passionate with and for you. It creates a win-win scenario where people love what they do and together you achieve success.

I hope my recent learnings are helpful for you in your business venture.