5 Marketing Hacks To Help You Stand Out


So, you’ve launched your business and you’re looking to reach and engage more customers. It’s a busy marketplace out there! And for the small startup company, it can be a challenge to break through the online chatter, especially when you’re competing with global brands dropping millions and millions of dollars on marketing campaigns each month.

But fear not! There are still many effective and affordable ways for your company to stand out from the pack and attract more of your ideal customers. Here are five tips for success:

1. Added Value. Don’t expect customers to come looking for you–ain’t nobody got time for that. It’s up to you to give your customer a reason to find you. Launch a blog and/or develop engaging, multi-media content (video is trending right now) to add value to customers’ lives, because you care, not because you have to.

2. Five Star Service. Don’t underestimate the power of customer service. And many Fortune 500 companies don’t always nail personalized customer service. Engage with your customers at every opportunity. Let them know that you’re listening and grateful for their business. Send a personal handwritten note, reply to Instagram comments and DMs and be present and understanding of their needs and feedback. When you engage with customers and satisfy their needs, you will attract lifelong super fans.

3. Collect Emails. If you don’t already have a growing database of customers’ email addresses, get on it ASAP. And once you’ve built an audience, engage with them. Sending regular emails (daily, weekly, monthly) allows you to build a consistent relationship with your customers. Provide incentive to new customers who join your newsletter (discount codes, checklists, guides, playlists), and be humble, real and respectful in your communications. Remember: It’s a privilege to land in their inbox #nospam.

4. Be Consistent. Of all the creatives I’ve met who are leading powerful businesses, nine out of 10 claim consistency is key to their success. Be transparent with your goals and strictly enforce your brand values and identity. Set schedules for posting new content and outline what you will do, and not do, as a business. Be consistent with defining your ideal customer and the change you want your business to make to the marketplace.

5. Move Quickly. Be nimble, fast and creative. Free from slow-moving corporate institutionalism, small businesses have the advantage and opportunity to creatively think on their feet, produce out-of-the-box ideas and work with like-minded creatives who share the same vision. Having come from the corporate world, I had to personally unlearn slow-moving, bureaucratic processes and learn to be comfortable with taking swift action with the potential for massive change. This resulted in exciting and creative collaborations that delivered measurable spikes in my social media engagement and overall brand awareness.