5 Steps To Setting And Achieving Your 2018 Goals

It’s my favourite time of the year, January. When plastering your walls, device screensavers and mirrors with goals and positive affirmations is totally acceptable.

When done from a place of ease, joy, and abundance, goal setting has the power to focus your energy on your desired outcome and inspire you to achieve your wildest dreams.

As you approach the new year, take some time out to consider what it is that you want to call in for 2018. Use these 5 steps to help you get started and ensure you set yourself up for a successful 2018.

1. Dream big, without limitations. The idea here is to dream of what is possible in the the next five years. Bill Gates said that ‘people will overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in five years.’ If you fast forward to a day in the life of you 5 years from now, what does that look like, feel like, sound like? Chances are when you allow yourself to dream that far in advance, your goals will be more exciting, scarier and wilder…see what comes up for you.

2. Work backwards. Once you have your 5-year goals, work backwards and see what you need to do in the next 12 months to start bringing your 5-year plan to life. For example, you might say that in 5 years time you want to buy a million dollar house on the beach front. Therefore a goal for you in 2018 would be to set up a savings account where you will put 10% of everything you earn towards a house deposit. You might even find that some goals you can start acting on today. For example, if you say you want to spend more time with friends, what’s stopping you from setting a date for a dinner party and inviting them all today?

3. Be specific. There’s no point making vague goals, they won’t get you anywhere. The more focused and clear your goals are, the easier they will come into existence. When writing your goals be sure to include the following…

Exact numbers e.g save $2000,000 for a house

Dates/times that you want to achieve it by e.g by 1st January 2020

A way to measure your progress e.g draw out a visual chart that you colour every time you add to your savings account

Clear action steps. What needs to be done to bring this plan to life? e.g set up a high-interest bank account, automate a monthly direct deposit into savings account.

4. Write them out on paper. When you physically take time to write your goals out with a pen and paper you are physically and energetically committing to them. The next step it to put them somewhere that you will see them every single day. Don’t be ashamed of your goals and if you’re living with a partner, friend or family member I challenge you to share your goals with them. Put them physically higher than your eyesight so that every day you are looking up towards your new life.

5. Attach emotion. Goals without an emotional attachment are just words. You have to want it bad enough. What will the new house, more money, a new business or relationship feel like in your body? Once you write out your goals, close your eyes and imagine yourself living them. Let your body fully feel it all and get comfortable with the feeling of having and achieving everything that your heart desires. Unless you truly believe you can have it, you won’t get it. Start feeling it today and you’ll be one step closer to receiving it.

Happy Goal Setting Squad.


Kay x