5 Steps To Success That You Won’t Learn In Business School

Not that I’ve ever been to business school nor do I have any desire to go, but my guess is you won’t hear these five keys to success in your next MBA class.

In my opinion, business is a personal and human experience just as much as it is about the numbers and strategies. Here are five of the most important lessons I’ve learned on my business journey so far.

1. Take care of yourself first. Without you, your business may never reach its full potential. No matter what stage of business you’re at, chances are, you are playing a significant role in making the magic happen. As the flight attendants say, fit your mask first before helping others. Eat well, exercise, set boundaries and make sure you’re listening to your body when it asks you to slow the fck down.

2. It’s about who you know. I’m not talking business networks here, I’m talking about your inner circle. Your partner, kids, mum, besties, colleagues, mentors and all of ‘your people’ who are keeping you together. When shit hits the fan, your life seems to be falling to pieces or you can’t see a clear way out, who you gonna to call? My guess is it’s not some hotshot CEO or social media influencer, it’s your support team. The people who know you best and who will hold you in your darkest days and love you no matter what. Be real with your inner circle, share with them and allow them to support you in your times of need.

3. Meltdowns will be your biggest teachers. It’s easy to be the #girlboss when life is going sweet. In my experience, the real change and transformation happens deep in the middle of a meltdown. When everything falls away and all the fluff no longer matters, you will ask yourself the hardest questions of all, who am I? What am I actually doing here? & what do I need? When feelings and emotions bubble up, try not to numb them out with more work, alcohol or even humor. Sit with it all and allow it to be there, it has something to teach you. Get real with yourself and allow yourself to feel the pain as much as you relish in the joy and success. They are both as beautiful and powerful as each other.

4. Balance is vital. Fck the mentality that you have to hustle until burnout if you want to see your dreams come true. In my opinion, that’s bullshit. I nearly got caught up in that world when I first started out and quickly realised that I had no desire to sacrifice my health, relationships or social life in order to build a business. Life is about so much more than your business, take this lesson now before it’s too late and you wake up in 10 years time lonely, sick and unsatisfied.

5. Do it your way. If you keep looking at what other people are doing, you’ll end up creating more of the same, how boring! You’re an entrepreneur because you are a creative. You think differently and you’ve got a deep inner wisdom and desire to buck the trend and do things differently. You were not made to conform, you were made for greatness and greatness comes from being different. Don’t get caught up in following trends, create something that comes from you and watch as your ideas take off.