5 Things An Entrepreneur Should Do Every. Single. Day

Whether you work from an office or your home office, owning a business can easily consume your life. Emails at 11pm is a norm, rolling out of bed at 9am happens more often than not and a weekend? Who has time for those.

Not only for your business, but for yourself, as an entrepreneur you have to regularly check in with yourself and your time. You are your own boss and no one is going to tell you to slow down or get off Facebook. Here are five things you, as an entrepreneur should do every single day:

1. Create a to-do list.

Lists are the shit. My life is one big list and without it my business would not exist. Aim to write a list of everything you want to achieve the night before and tick off jobs as you complete them. Anything you didn’t achieve, put to the top of your list tomorrow.

2. Check in with your goals

Remember why are you here? Why did you start your own business? Are you doing something today that is going to get you closer to your goal? If not, is it realistic?

3. Schedule times to look at your email

Some days I spend all day just filtering through my emails. That pitch that was due at 5pm? Well an email from an event in two months just took priority. HOW!! It’s easy to get distracted by the new, the best way to combat this is to close your email, turn off notifications and give yourself 15 minutes every two hours to make sure everything is A-OK. That goes for Facebook, Texts, Snapchat and even Bumble too. Do. Not. Disturb.

4. Get up to date on technology

No matter what field you work in, technology is going to help grow your business and productivity. Get to know Dropbox, Google Sheets, Adobe Illustrator, Evernote and Asana. Thank me later.

5. Get a Work/Life balance

This is a tricky one but probably the most important. When you work for yourself sometimes it’s hard to remember that working in your pajamas (like I am now) is not normal. Have a shower, have breakfast and put some clothes on! You’ll be more productive and not scare your house mate (sorry Elissa). Schedule ‘office-like’ work hours and only work on your business inside those times. When work is over take some ME time! Go for a walk, go to a class at the gym, see a movie, have dinner with a friend, drink wine!

Remember, it’s OK to have slow days, it’s OK not to check everything off your list. Everyday try to stick to these five things and watch your productivity, business and happiness grow.

Good luck!

Charlotte Howells | Director of the fashion division @thefashion_division