5 Things You Should Be Worrying About Instead Of Your Instagram Following

At least once a day I get an email, Instagram DM or coaching client ask me the age-old question of ‘how do I grow my Instagram following?’  Look, I’m not going to lie, Instagram is an amazing tool that when used effectively can boost your business. But I’m also going to set things straight here, there is more to your business than your Instagram following. So, if you’re serious about building a long-lasting, profitable business, can I suggest you start focusing on other important aspects of your business? Start with these five…

1. Does your customer even like you? But seriously. Do they like using your product/service? Does it fit them well? Do they like the taste? Would they come back to your business for more? Are they going to tell their friends about you? Have they got an idea of how you could improve your business? I challenge you to start a conversation with your already loyal customers and see how you can better serve them before you go looking for new ones.

2. Emails *duh* – If Instagram disappeared tomorrow, would you still have a business? Start collecting emails now. Not sure how? Grab a copy of our marketing eBook and Workbook and write yourself an email marketing strategy ASAP.

3. Make irresistible content. If you can find a way to educate and inspire your audience on a regular basis you are more likely to build trust with them. The more they trust you, the more likely they are to spend money with you. Start investing time in writing/filming standout content that your audience won’t be able to resist.

4. Review your profit margins. How much money are you actually making? Are you even making money? Next time you catch yourself mindlessly scrolling through the gram, put your phone down, open up a spreadsheet and run the numbers. Perhaps you’re wasting money on pointless subscriptions or you’re suppliers are ripping you off big time. The lower your overheads the bigger your profit margin, see if you can find yourself some spare cash.

5. Dream Bigger.  The only difference between you and the person you admire is their ability to dream bigger than you. When was the last time you sat down and asked yourself the question ‘what am I truly capable of?’ The first step to achieving greatness is believing that you are capable of it. Believing starts with dreaming. Grab a notebook and pen and write out your wildest dreams, I dare you.

Bonus Tip: Ok I wasn’t going to give you any Instagram advice but because you’ve made it this far here is a sneaky tip. Be Authentic. Content that is blowing up right now is real, raw images with an authentic, vulnerable tone of voice. Yes, you will share content that prompts your audience to buy, but don’t forget the fun, easy, real relationship building stuff too, be you.