6 Apps That Make Life In New York City Easier

Living in New York City can be a daunting experience. Constantly living amongst concrete buildings piled on top of one another balancing on layers upon layers of underground subway and tunnel systems, a night sky that is never really dark and a little hazy from the ‘light pollution’ and very little greenery or wide open space. Not to mention the other 8.5 MILLION humans who are navigating the 784 square kilometers with you.

Some see it as stressful and overwhelming, others see opportunities and solutions.

It seems there are quite a few solution focused thinkers here in New York City that have managed to leverage the intensity of the city and develop innovative ways to make the lives of New Yorkers easier.

6 apps that make life in ‘the city that never sleeps’ a smoother ride.

1.WAG! Dog walkers on demand. Everyone in this city has a dog, no matter what floor of the apartment building you live on or how many longs hours you spend at work or socialising away from your pet. If you’ve got a busy schedule or a hyper dog and you don’t have time to walk it daily, you can book someone else to do it for you. Wag! only shows you walkers near you who are guaranteed to be available when you need them available from 6am-11pm daily.

2.Mini Bar Delivery. When a casual family dinner quickly turns into a house gathering with topless men dancing to bangers, you’re going to need Mini Bar Delivery. An app that restocks your alcohol supplies within the hour. Order beer, wine, and spirits and it’s delivered to directly to your front door.

3. Fly cleaners. When the list of NYC social engagements in endless, who has time for laundry? FlyCleaners is an on-demand laundry service that will pick up your laundry and have it washed, dried, folded and delivered back to your door within 21 minutes. Available 6am-midnight 7 days a week and you guessed it, it’s all done via the app.

4. Soothe. The Uber of massages. Available between 7 am and midnight, book yourself a massage on demand either to your workplace or home. A qualified professional therapist will arrive within 60 mins, you can even do partnered massages.

5. Instacart. Groceries in hurry. Instacart teams up with personal shoppers who will do your shopping for you from any of their partnered stores and deliver it to your front door within the hour. Everything from your basic groceries to beauty products and dog food. Why ever leave the house really?

6. Blade. Why sit in traffic when you can get a helicopter? People literally take 7-minute helicopter rides from Manhattan to JFK to avoid the traffic in this city. Blade is an app that makes it easy and affordable for members to book themselves a seat on a chartered flight heading to the airport or a nearby city.  Now flying to the Hamptons, Miami, local wineries and is even available to drop you off at a Casino rooftop in Atlantic City.

Whoever said that living in New York City was hard?