The Art Of Allowing: How To Do More With Less Hustle

Everything in the universe is within you.
Ask all from yourself.

Did you know that, You have the power to determine the life you live?

Every single day you wake up and decide to either think, feel and live how you did the day before… or you will wake up and set a clear and powerful intention to create and live the life of your dreams.

How do you start your day?

For the past 12 months, I have been starting my day with a combination of meditation, breathing exercises, visualisation, and journaling.

I’ve seen incredible results in my productivity, clarity, focus, and motivation. I feel more empowered and capable to build my business, create amazing life experiences and enjoy more FUN in my everyday life.

The difference I have found is this, less hustle and more ‘allowing.

When you wake up and set your intention for the life you’re going to live, you are already miles ahead of those who started their day with social media, worrying about yesterday or stressed about a future event.

Mindful meditation at the beginning of your day, calls you into the present moment. You become the creator of your life not the victim to your circumstances.
When you allow yourself to step into the ‘creator’ you will instantly see with more clarity, what needs to be done in order to move you into a more inspiring life.

You will notice your confidence and power rise up as you attract opportunities that will take you in the direction of your wildest dreams.
People will be attracted to you and the way you live your life and you’ll let go of the need to ‘hustle hard’ and get comfortable with life unfolding with ease, joy, and abundance

When you live from this place, anything is possible.

Three simple steps to start your day as the creator of your life

1. Let go and breathe. In those in-between moments as your mind is waking up to the day and begins to look for ‘thoughts’ to hold onto, let go. Don’t let it attach to what it already knows, distract it with your breath and stay in that dreamy space as long as possible.

2. Step into your future self. From that dreamy in-between space, begin to imagine all that you could possibly want for your life. Visualise the relationships, the business opportunities, the travel, the bank balance, the fun, the adventure, the change. See it, feel it, believe it and just as if it was through a door ahead of you, imagine yourself walking towards it and step into your new life.

3. Take charge of your thoughts. Once you come out of this powerful state, your mind will look to discredit you. Beware of the negative and conflicting thoughts and beliefs that will attempt to sabotage your new creation. Your old self wants to keep you small because that is what it knows. Be brave enough to step into the unknown, feel the pain of change and transformation and design a new life for yourself.
Happy Meditating.

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