Ep. 43 In conversations with Sam, BEAR

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In this episode, I am chatting with Sam, one of the co-founders of BEAR. BEAR is a luxury wellness brand that specializes in essential daily vitamins, superpowers, and natural skincare. Sam and his wife started this brand a number of years ago after years of developing their idea for a product, standout in the wellness… Read more »

#blacklivesmatter: How to peacefully protest & make lasting change

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  – Connect with your Indigenous community and ASK them how you can help   – Learn Indigenous history, Dreamtime stories, about the land they’ve lived on for 40,000 years and celebrate their culture   – Invest back into Indigenous businesses – buy their artwork, cast them in your photoshoots, tv shows, play & buy… Read more »

Ep. 41 In Conversation with Loco Love Chocolate

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Today I am excited to share with you this interview, this one, in particular, is something that I’ve been wanting to do. Emica is the founder of Loco Love Chocolate and had the chat about how she built the brand, where the idea came from, and how she built it into a global sensation in… Read more »

Ep. 40 How to overcome imposter syndrome

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Today I want to talk about a topic that is so popular and I get asked about all the time. It is something that I’ve experienced and I’ve seen in just about everybody I’ve encountered on my business journey over the last 6 years. Somebody on instagram, a coaching client or even successful people running… Read more »

Ep. 39 In conversation with Laura May, Nagnata

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Welcome back to the podcast. I am so excited to share this episode with you. I left this interview feeling so incredibly inspired and I learned so much about business and just reminded about what makes a good business and what makes a business thrive through interviewing Laura May of Nagnata, a fashion lifestyle brand…. Read more »

Ep. 38 In conversation with Hectors Deli

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I am excited to share with you today’s episode with a friend of mine, a very smart entrepreneur, Dom – he is the founder of Hectors Deli. I think it is my first time to interview someone from the hospitality industry. Dom has so much incredible wisdom to share for those of you who might… Read more »