#blacklivesmatter: How to peacefully protest & make lasting change


– Connect with your Indigenous community and ASK them how you can help


– Learn Indigenous history, Dreamtime stories, about the land they’ve lived on for 40,000 years and celebrate their culture


– Invest back into Indigenous businesses – buy their artwork, cast them in your photoshoots, tv shows, play & buy their music, promote their businesses on your channels (blogs, podcasts, videos) empower them to preserve their stories, language, and culture – give them a face, voice, and platform to be thriving leaders and mentors for the next generation


-Incorporate Indigenous people into your businesses – set up a ‘giveback’ or social enterprise arm to your business, introduce an Acknowledgment of Country on your website, at your events, at the beginning of your videos, add anti-racism policies to your workplace

-Avoid reacting from a place of anger – reflect first and act from a place of critical thinking – don’t just follow the trends – that’s what landed us here in the first place

-Manage your own emotions – don’t numb or project your pain – it adds to the hate and disharmony that created this war and pain in the first place –

-Connect to the land, sit in circle, sing, dance, share stories, light a fire and put yourself in the shoes of the First Nation People who walked this land long before us – it will activate empathy, compassion, awe, and inspiration and ensure you embody your beliefs around equality for all, preserve the traditions and leave a legacy for future generations to come

-Meditate and hold a vibration of love, harmony, and equality for all