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Ep. 16 – Anchoring The Light Interview with Jemma Gawned



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This week we talk to Jemma Gawned, the founder of sacred enterprise, Anchoring the Light. Jemma hosts ceremonies and workshops all over the world with the aim to bring people back to their truth and into their limitless potential.

Kaylene and Jemma talk all things mindfulness and business, and how they apply rituals into their daily lives to not only help themselves as human beings but as business owners.

Jemma shares openly about her own personal businesses, including her failures and the lessons she’s learnt along the way. Her insight is invaluable and you’ll walk away from this podcast feeling inspired to connect with your purpose and take action in your own life.

Jemma’s daily cacao ritual!


So here are my top tips for a daily Cacao Ritual – 

* choose a special cup that you will use just for your ‘Ceremony
* cleanse and bless the cup using some smoke of some kind (sage, palo santo, incense) 
* You’ll need some excellent quality Ceremonial Cacao Paste (see my website or email to order the Cacao that I use myself in Ceremony) 
* Shave off 1-2 tablespoons of the Cacao paste and add to quarter cup water in a saucepan on the stove top. stir while its warming – be careful not to boil. using a whisk to stir is best.
 * when the Cacao begins to melt add a mylk of your choice (you can also use all water or change the ratio of mylk to water. 
* add a pinch of Cayenne pepper and your intention to ‘ activate’ the Spirit of the Cacao 
* add sweetener of your choice to taste and stir 
* for frothier Cacao you can whizz in your blender 
* pour into your medicine cup 
* take a moment to feel the energy of the Cacao and call in your intention and prayer for your day. 
* Now offer your prayer into your cup with your breath, visualise your prayer infusing the medicine 
* take a sip and feel the Cacao spirit and your prayer filling your being. Know that what you have asked for is done. Trust you will receive what you have asked for. * 
Give gratitude to the Spirit of the Cacao and now mindfully enjoy the rest of your deeelicious Medicine!!!
Love Jem x “

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