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Ep. 18 – Live from the Field with Crossing Threads



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 “We want to do this because this makes us happy, because we want more balance in our lives, because I want to be supporting a brand that I solely want to back… This time, I want to make everything worth my time on the Earth. And that really was a thought in my head when I handed in my resignation letter.” – Lauren Hernandez.
Crossing Threads is the brainchild of Kass and Lauren Hernandez, the first generation Australian sisters and best friends who are so close they finish each other’s sentences. The pair creates stunning woven decorative textiles for both private collectors and commercial spaces, some of which are over 1.5 metres wide.
We go Live in the Field with these incredible ladies, as they transition from 9-5 jobs to running Crossing Threads full time. They share their insightful experiences with Kayelene Langford, including the dynamics of working as a sister duo, how the business started after a craft-ernoon workshop, the organic nature behind their social media growth, and convincing their immigrant parents that running a creative startup was a viable life decision.
The ladies touch on the practical side of starting a business with financial and organisational tips, but they also delve into the emotional side of things, from the concept of failure, to the ups and downs associated with working for yourself.
“Taking away the financial stress will make sure we focus on the why – the glamour, the lust, the inspiration that we get from the weaving and creating –where our natural hunger and continual drive will come from.” – Kass Hernandez.

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