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Ep. 40 How to overcome imposter syndrome



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Today I want to talk about a topic that is so popular and I get asked about all the time. It is something that I’ve experienced and I’ve seen in just about everybody I’ve encountered on my business journey over the last 6 years. Somebody on instagram, a coaching client or even successful people running global companies. 

The topic is imposter syndrome. It is a killer of dreams and when I sat down to cover this topic, I’ve actually been experiencing imposter syndrome in trying to put this podcast together. I think it’s such a big topic and it’s almost really subtle and sneaky in how it shows up and operates in our lives and in our business. When we can observe and notice what it feels like and when it’s showing up in our bodies and in our lives, then we can actually start to master it so I’m gonna share some tips as to how I personally do that for myself and with my business coaching clients.

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