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Ep. 41 In Conversation with Loco Love Chocolate



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Today I am excited to share with you this interview, this one, in particular, is something that I’ve been wanting to do. Emica is the founder of Loco Love Chocolate and had the chat about how she built the brand, where the idea came from, and how she built it into a global sensation in what seems like effortless growth in her business. Emica is an inspiring incredible woman. Her story is so inspiring. What I’m realizing is that a business that’s booming and thriving behind all of them is a determined, passionate entrepreneur who has a clear idea of where they wanna go, willingness to do whatever it takes to get there, and a deep sense of passion and purpose. Emica exemplifies that beautifully in a way that she talks about running her business, hiring her team, being a mom, working with her partner, everything that she does comes from a deep sense of passion, purpose and an extension of herself and everything that she lives and breathes in her personal life. I’m so inspired by her story and I hope you enjoy this interview with Emica.

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