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Ep. 44 Systems and processes made sexy: How to find more time and money in your business w/ Seriously Sorted



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Today I will share a conversation with Lauren, the founder of Seriously Sorted. Lauren came to me as a client for some business coaching and really taught me about what she does with Seriously Sorted. It’s all about putting systems in place and helping to scale businesses. Lauren and I formed a beautiful friendship over the last year or so where we have really clearly identified that I can be a big dreamer, a big thinker, and visionary and I can pull ideas together and make something out of it.

Lauren is absolutely brilliant at details, systems, and structures and all the things that give me anxiety. Over the years we’ve learned to work together and support each other. I really want her to share the wisdom she’s done for my business for those of you who might be looking to get more organized, to put some systems in place. Lauren’s going to teach you exactly where to get started, why it’s important, and how to do it.

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