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Ep. 48 In conversations with Sophie, Seed & Sprout



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Sophie is the founder of Seed & Sprout, an eco-lifestyle business that aims to reduce plastic. I am a big fan of their brand, I love what they stand for: sustainability and branding. It is a powerful experience for me in changing my behavior around using plastic in my house. When I come across a brand like that – a brand that changes the way you think and educate you and inspires you to do something different, I think it’s a sign of a powerful brand. It is something I’m inspired and intrigued by. I reached out to Sophie and wanted to know more about how she’s built this business and trend of beautiful products that reduce plastic in the world and leaves this world a better place.

Sophie oozes entrepreneurship. She has an incredible start-up story. There’s so much in here, she shares lots of great book recommendations. Her determination, her sense of why she’s running her business has led her to incredible success. She shows what it takes to take a business to come up with an idea, to validate the idea, and to scale it into the absolute success that she has done with Seed & Sprout even though she has limited resources and lots of challenges along the way.

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