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Ep.6 – Jiro Taylor On Building A Business That Stands Out



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“We have a lot going on beyond the thoughts in our head. We are much more than just blood, skin, bones and a bunch of neurotic thoughts. We’re multidimensional beings that have profound levels of intelligence that manifest in feelings and senses and intuitive hunches.”


This week we speak to Jiro Taylor, founder of FlowState and host of FlowTribe and the FlowState Performance podcast. But those are just his professional titles; Jiro is an inspirational thought leader who works with renegades, provocateurs and ‘connoisseurs of flow’ dedicated to disruptive business and personal growth.


Basically, Jiro and his team at FlowState focus on the blend of science and spirituality to help those looking for inner and personal growth.


“Running a business on ego is like running on fossil fuels. You’re not tapped in to a source; that shit’s going to run out. But if you’ve done the work, where you feel like your full self, your true self, it’s like you’re tapped into the power of the sun.”


But Jiro wasn’t always a master of flow. In fact, he spent most of his 20s at the other end of the spectrum – as a corporate climbing the ladder and making good coin along the way. Then one day he gave it all up, moved to Bali and never looked back…


Kaylene Langford tackles the big topics with Jiro in this week’s podcast, talking all things self-awareness, ego, meditation, brainwashing, growing through pain, and the similarities between Richard Branson and celebrity chefs.


“Having the ability to cultivate one’s state of consciousness is the most meaningful way to live one’s life.”


Prepare to have your mind blown with thought-provoking topics and genuine pieces of advice that you can use whether you’re an entrepreneur or you’re climbing the corporate ladder (but be warned, you may want to jump off the ladder after listening to this.)

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