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Ep.2 – Diego Perez, Yung Pueblo, New York City



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“Get your own voice. When people try too much to be too similar to someone who is already out there, it doesn’t really work out well for them. You’re an individual, so find your voice and figure out your style.”

Yung_Pueblo has over 96,000 followers on Instagram, but the man behind the quotes finds silence to be his greatest asset. Diego Perez explains the profound way in which he grew his following and how trusting his intuition and being consistent, passionate and conscious of what you create led him to his greatest personal success.

“We’re all just regular people working our day jobs [but] different from other generations, we’re much more interested in these things that will actually help us develop our freedom.”

Hear the first interview of the StartUp Creative podcast series from a New York City stoop, as Kaylene Langford learns the benefits of mindfulness and meditation for running a business and how Perez’s creative outlet turned into his first self-published book.

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