Everybody’s Scared. 

Morning Musings – 29th July 2022

You’ve fallen again. 

Victim to the blood sucker so thirsty for your cells. =

Your fearful blood makes them strong. 

Without you, their bones wither, become weak and their structures begin to fall. 

Why are you so scared to turn them away?

How softly yet swiftly they have crept up your spine, making a home in you. 

Did you notice them unpacking their things?

Now your roots are stuck and your growth is stifled.  

Your heartbeat is weak. Your purpose is numb. 

Your systems have gone quiet and your effervescent has dulled. 

I long to reset your system, unplug you from the wall and return you to the home screen. 

You’ve been tangled by vines. 

Your beauty is hidden and your breath is short. 

You’ve lost sight of your core, the ancients you are. 

Come back to me. 

Cut the vine free. 

Feel deeply and remember. 

You will give life to this earth and food to this land. 

Come back to me. 

You are a tree.