Feeling stuck? Three ways to help you find your inspiration.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” 

Anais Nin


Often our dreams and desires come from a place of wanting something that we currently do not have. A need to move from point A to point B and achieve, attract, obtain something new for ourselves. The problem is, in order to get something we don’t yet have we must be willing to enter the unknown, to step outside of our comfort zones and begin the journey into a new reality. 

Most people will never take this journey. In fact, they will spend the entire lives standing on the start line, thinking about what it would be like if they were to leave what they know and go in search of what is truly possible for them.

I mean you can’t blame us really. We’ve been conditioned our whole lives to play it safe. Our evolution as a race has been dependant on being a part of the crowd, it kept us safe and ensured we had access to food and water. 

But in our modern world, there is very little that threatens our safety on a day to day bases. Many of us have allowed an irrational fear to run our lives and keep us from asking the question, ‘what else is out there?’ 

Signs you’re living in this state of fear: 

1. You feel a sense of discord inside of yourself. Like you’re choosing one thing and suppressing another, but you’ve never questioned why you chose to live with one and deny the other. Most of the time it’s because when we have the deep calling bubbling up that says ‘what if?’, the thought of change totally terries us. 

2. You’re angry & it’s something/somebody fault. This is a sure sign you’re living a victim mentality. It’s a horrible place to live, trust me I’ve been there. But in that deep unhappiness and discomfort, you have the power to rebirth. When you choose to look inwards instead of making it somebody/things fault, you start to see that the life you are living is a result of what you have allowed. Once you become then observer of your circumstances, you can begin to change them. 

3. You’re bored. That ‘dead inside’ feeling. When you find yourself going through the motions of day to day life. Get up, go to work, pay the bills, make the dinner. Nothing surprises you, you never feel deep joy and excitement in your body. There’s no such thing as miracles and the world feels a little dull. Horrible place to be really, have also been there. It is a place of hopelessness and despair. You’ve forgotten wonder and awe and you no longer allow yourself to dream your wildest dreams. You are a very serious adult in a very grim adult, boring world. If this is you, we need to get you out of there quick smart. 

Ok, enough of the depressing stuff. Life is tough and no doubt we’ll all have moments of dipping in and out of these emotional states. But our lesson is to journey home to ourselves, to choose an authentic and real version of ourselves and figure out how to creatively express it in this lifetime so as to find ourselves truly enjoying this human experience. Because life is more than how much money you have, how many followers you obtain or what status you’ve acquired. 


Your soul purpose and the source of all happiness is to find out what makes you feel fully alive and live it fully. 


So here’s where we begin. 

If you find yourself in any of the states above, try these three daily practices to help you realign to your purpose and creative freedom.


1. Dream, dream, dream. Write out your goals, envision a better future for yourself, spark emotions of joy, happiness, confidence, ease, flow, and fun in your life by closing your eyes and walking yourself through a day in the life of you living your best life. When you close your eyes and switch off the conscious thinking brain and allow yourself to imagine, your subconscious brain doesn’t know the difference between that memory is a real experience or not. So as you think of the experience, your brain wires those neuropathways as if it is the truth and now that they exist in your memory bank, we are more capable of experiencing them in our waking lives because ‘like attract like’ and our brain is wired to find more joy, ease and freedom our human interactions. 


2. Expect the unexpected. If you spend your days telling yourself ‘this is going to happen’ or ‘I’m like this’ then there is no room for a new reality to unfold. Try to catch yourself, every time you make a bold “I’ statement that reaffirms your past experiences. Stop yourself from saying it out loud, if you miss it before it comes out you might want to add the word ‘yet’ to the end, for example ‘I’m not creative, yet.’ This allows a new reality to reveal itself and give us hope of a new creation to unfold. We keep the door open and we begin to see new possibilities of what we want to create for ourselves rather than repeating the past. Another good one to practice is, ‘how can I …. Afford this, make this work, find the answers.’


3. Keep moving. If you stand still in quicksand for too long you will sink. When you’re in a creative rut, staying in the one place and thinking and feeling the same negative thoughts over and over again are just going to keep you stuck there. Do one thing every day to keep you moving in the direction of the new life you want to create for yourself. You might get a mentor or a coach, go to an event, buy a book, take a course, or write a list of what needs to be done. Some days it might feel pointless but small acts every day will eventually lead you to your end goals. Don’t underestimate the power of showing up every day for yourself and your goals.