Girlbosses Of New York City

“My intention today is to give you the inspiration to just pivot. I don’t care how old you are… The moment we shift our perception, a miracle occurs.” – Gabby Bernstein, Motivational Speaker, Author and Life Coach.

If you’ve never heard of a Girlboss Rally, prepare for the term to soon become a household name in the entrepreneurial world.

Girlboss is the media brainchild of Sophia Amoruso, the New York Times best-selling author of #GIRLBOSS and inspiration for the Netflix comedy series of the same name.

‘We founded Girlboss to create a community and a platform for women redefining success on their own terms,” Amoruso says.

‘Whether through our content or our experiences, our goal is to inform, entertain, and inspire action.’

This weekend, her latest venture partnered with Bumble Bizz in New York City to host a sold-out #GirlbossRally at Industria Studios. 600 attendees from 14 different countries gathered in one of the world’s creative capitals to witness keynotes and panel discussions from some of the most influential female industry leaders.

Speaking candidly about pay equality, activism, and the art of brand building were such innovators as Elaine Welterwoth, the Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue, Whitney Wolfe, the Founder and CEO of Bumble, and Sarah Kunst, Founder, and CEO of ProDay.

“You don’t have to get really good at all this shit to have value. You have value because you are.” – Dr. Lauren Hazzouri, Licensed Psychologist, and Founder of The Practice.

To kick off the event on Friday evening was an intimate Founders’ Dinner at Cadillac House, catered by Great Performances and Women & Whiskies, a support system for women-owned businesses in the food, hospitality, and new media spaces. More than 50 female entrepreneurs attended, who were all recognised as game changers in the landscape of women-owned and operated businesses.

In the same spirit of Girlboss, the day-long Saturday rally hosted a series of incredible conversations about success, failure and becoming the boss of your own life. In partnership with high-profile brands and organisations such as Google Chromebook, Pinterest, Nike, WeWork and Women at Forbes, the rally served to inspire and build fresh content partnerships, creative collaborations, and on-site activations.

Google Chromebook provided a Startup Studio for workshops and seminars dedicated to laying down the building blocks for female founders and aspiring business owners. Pinterest and Bumble Bizz introduced new media-based projects such as co-curated Pins and a professional headshot photo booth to encourage real-time collaboration.

If Amoruso’s reputation for innovation and the powerful female start-up scene of NYC are anything to go by, aspiring entrepreneurs should prepare for a new era of creative girl bosses ready to build their empires.

Hustling towards your goals unapologetically is what we’re all about over here at StartUp Creative so naturally, we’re big fans of the #girlboss movement. What an incredible example to see the powerhouses of the startup world come together to lead, create and inspire women in business.

Thank you for being such an authentic example of collaboration Sophia, and for using your influence to pull together such a valuable event for women in the startup scene.  We’re looking forward to seeing what you do next.

To know more about Girlboss and any upcoming events or opportunities, head to their homepage: follow them @girlboss.