The Business Of Being Groove Therapy

In need of a fresh ‘Bedroom Grooves’ playlist to ease you into your Sunday mornings? Vanessa Marian has cultivated the ultimate ‘eyes closed, no one watching’ music collection to quench your weekend morning good vibes thirst. We spoke with Marian, the woman behind the Groove Therapy name and project, about her love for music and dance and what keeps her inspired working in a notoriously competitive industry.

Marian is the founder and all-round ‘boss lady’ of Groove Therapy – judgement-free dance class space. For Groove Therapy, music is just that – a form of therapy. “It’s my meditative place. I have these days where I have a new album and I will just pop in my earphones, tell my man that he can’t join me for morning coffee and just walk for an hour daydreaming about dance with a big dumb smile on my face. Music is so nourishing for me like that”.

If there’s one thing that’s crystal clear when speaking with Marian it’s her unwavering passion for all things music. If she’s not listening to it, you can bet yours and your mumma’s last shiny penny that she’s dancing to it. “I’m predictable like that. [I’ll be] either teaching a dance class, taking a dance class, labbing dance concepts with friends, freestyling in my living room”. The gal is seriously head over heels (does that count as a dance move?) for her art – “It’s the heartbeat of my entire career”.

She keeps her inspirations close, siting her boyfriend and fellow creative Stefan Hunt as her main muse. Director, filmmaker, and globe-trotter, Marian describes her main man as a human “whose sole purpose in life is to create from a place with purpose rather than a trend”. A genuine desire and appreciation of one’s art form is important to Marian.

Her advice for anyone considering following a career path paved by passion?

“Less talk, less perfectionism, less self doubt and more doing, mistakes and learning. I think a lot of people get so caught up in the fear or running a business that it becomes all about the admin and strategy and making everything perfect. I think you should make a good skeleton then just launch and iron out the bumps as you go and take note of what does and doesn’t work”.

So stop doubting yourself kids! Get out there, give it a go, make some mistakes and become better for it! And even better, why not bliss out to Marian’s song picks whilst brainstorming your next creative adventure? Or just dance in your living room to them whilst sipping on your morning coffee, clothes optional, whatever feels good guys.

If you’re interested in having a boogie with Groove Therapy 101 head over to for all booking and event info.


image Jack Grayson Photography