How To Go About Goal Setting

With all the hype about the new year and goal setting, how do you actually know where to start?

Here are my simple steps on how to make a killer goals list and an actionable plan to bring them to life in 2017.

  • Start fresh. Get yourself a new diary, notepad, journal or piece of paper. Sign off the 2016 diary and put it away. Start the year with a fresh diary and fresh slate.
  • Find yourself a quite place where you can be uninterrupted for at least 30 minutes
  • Get yourself some headings. I personally use – business, finance, family, relationships, health, wellbeing, personal. Use the ones that suit you and feel free to make up your own
  • Give each heading it’s own page.
  • Without thinking too much, start jotting down everything you want for yourself under each title
  • Be sure to listen to your heart, desires and deepest passion. Get out of your head, drop into your body and listen to what it truly wants.
  • Be cautious of the voice in your head that may well try to dumb down your goals because they seems scary or out of reach. Scary goals are good goals!
  • Once you’ve finished your initial brain dump, it’s time to connect with the goals on a deeper level
  • On a fresh page, write out a day in the life of YOU when all your goals have come to life. You want to write it in present tense so you can connect with the reality of them. E.G I wake up at 6.00am and go running. I come home and mediate for 20 minutes and eat an organic, whole breakfast etc…. 
  • Now comes the action. With each of your goals I want you to work out what actions need to be taken in order for them to come to life. For example if you want to exercise 5 x a week do you have the workout gear to do that? If you want to save 10% of your income, do you have a bank account set up for that money? With each goal make a list of actions that you can take to bring your goals to life.

The trick with goal setting is to ensure your goals are specific (what exactly do you want and when?) measurable (when will you know you’ve achieved it?) and actionable (avoid using lofty words like ‘happiness’. Instead think of what would make you happy and action getting more of that in your life)

ASK for what you really want

BELIEVE  it’s already yours

RECEIVE – feel as if it had already arrived.

I look forward to working with you as we bring your goals to life.