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How to Improve the Quality of Your Performance in Your Business



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When life and business present us struggles, challenges, or setbacks there are two ways in which you can approach it, either with confidence and a level of self-belief that you have what it takes to solve the problem, endure the hardship and master the skills required to move through it or to feel a sense of failure, shame, and rejection.

Research shows that those who have high self-efficacy ( an individuals belief in their capacity to execute the behaviours necessary to produce a specific performance outcome) are more likely to face challenges as something to be mastered, bounce back from setbacks and rejections quicker, approach threading situations with the belief that they can control them and are more likely to zoom out and problem solve. All necessary qualities for an entrepreneur who is bound to face many highs and lows on their journey of starting and scaling their business.

In this episode, I share research about this topic and tips for increasing your self-efficacy to better equip yourself to endure the startup and small business terrain.

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