How To Live “Better”

I’m Michelle Carlyle. 

I’m a corporate girl turned mental wellness coach and I’m ecstatic about that. 

I’m going to do my darndest to give you some good, solid mental habits each month. Everything will be science-based but with a practical approach. Before I start though, a little bit of background. 

So why the career change? 

On the surface you could describe it as being on the receiving end of a corporate restructure but in reality I think my boss and I were no longer on the same page. It was totally amicable and after 10 great years I left with a tear in my eye but a bounce in my step. Half excited and half “holy crap”. What next?   

The immediate “what next” was 12 months of domestic tasks, travel, and reading. The domestic tasks were those that had been collecting dust for years but I no longer had the excuse of a hectic corporate life not to do them. The travel was riding my bike for 2,500 kilometers from Barcelona to Rome, and the reading was anything and everything to do with psychology, the brain, emotional intelligence, grit, positivity, resilience, habits, mental models, the science of memories and so much more! I fell in love with this stuff. I went back to study positive psychology and neuroscience and came out the other side with a sore, full, and “bursting with ideas” head. 

My business brain started spinning… How can I combine the knowledge and strengths from my corporate past, with my new found passion for mental wellbeing?  

My new business life 

My new business, Thought Ratio was born. People who are resilient and thrive in life have more positive thoughts than negative ones. The exact thought ratio has been researched and debated between scientists for many years. Whatever they settle on, it doesn’t really matter, what matters is that we have about 50,000 thoughts every day and you want to make sure that the positive outweigh the negative. You’ve got to put more positive ones in to that short-term memory bank of yours.  

My mission is to teach people how to thrive in life – at work, at home, and most importantly, within themselves. How can we live better? It’s a complex question which I try to make more simple and easy to understand. What’s holding us back from achieving what we want in life – to live happier, healthier, and with more success? How can we become the designer of helpful thinking habits rather than the victim of unhelpful ones? 

I’m not a therapist 

Many people are choosing education as an alternative to therapy. How come? Therapy can be a download, and an ongoing conversation with a person with a good set of ears. Education is learning why you think the way you do and learning how to change what’s unhelpful about that process. It’s practical, future-orientated, and you walk away feeling empowered. Nice. I love the idea that I’m teaching someone how to take charge of their own life. I love that I don’t hold the “power” card but instead, I’m handing that card over to them.  

What you can expect in my monthly article? 

It’ll be science-based and I’ll reference the sources. I’ll be writing in plain English, so it’ll be practical for you to give it a whirl if you’re interested.  

It’ll be aimed at you, a busy business person with a desire to get stuff done, achieve your dreams, and stay mentally healthy throughout.  

Here’s a question. If you could change part of your mindset that was unhelpful, getting in the way of achieving what you want, what might that be?   

Drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you. 

About Michelle Carlyle 

Michelle Carlyle is the founder/owner of Thought Ratio. She’s also a wellbeing coach, mentor, runner, cyclist, speaker, blogger, MBA graduate, mental health first aider, and graduate of the Neuroscience Academy.