How To Motivate Yourself When Things Get Tough

Life throws all kinds of dodge balls at our faces and, according to Vince Vaughan, there are 5 D’s that help us through: dodge, duck, dive, dip and dodge. But what if you’re not really feeling the whole competitive edge, the excitement of the game or the prospect of a shiny new trophy? Self-motivating is tough, but here are 4 ways to beat the blues if you’re feeling stuck. 

  1. Get dreaming 

Often, a lack of motivation comes from being unable to visualise or decide on a goal. You should be working towards making those dreams come true, no? Sit down and brainstorm your dreams, professionally & personally. Make some pinterest boards, write a bucket list, print out your goal and pin it above your desk or on the bathroom door. These act as constant, positive reminders of why you’re doing what you’re doing, and they’ll eventually turn into milestones in a larger plan. 

  1. Practice gratitude

There’s something magical about thank-you cards, love notes and check-ins with friends. It’s easy to become selfish when there’s lots going on, and there’s nothing more powerful than sending awesomeness out to important people in your life. I can recommend Thankly as an incredible, easy way to get this happening. Or, if you’re short on time, make a quick note of 5 people you want to touch base with and send them a quick text or email.  


  1. Treat yoself 

Sometimes feeling down comes from an emotional block telling us that we can’t do what we want to. Truth is, we are entirely up to us! Changing your language from ‘I can’t take a day off’ to ‘how can I take a day off?’ or ‘I can’t afford a spa day’ to ‘how can I afford a spa day?’ means that you’re actively flipping negativity into a positive plan. Allow a day off to treat yourself in a way that you  will entirely love.  


  1. Prioritise people & energy 

If you’ve never done a people audit, you should! There are key personalities in your life that influence your energy – inspire you, teach you, support you or help you have fun. Seek out these people and prioritise face time. Our relationships have a profound effect on our perspective and our feelings, so it’s important to make sure we have the right people around us. We’ve got a ‘people audit’ worksheet available inside the CollaboHub (amongst a tonne of other helpful things!) 


The moral of this story is to go easy on yourself. Sometimes, it’s worthwhile to skip out on this weeks’ dodgeball game in favour of a wine with friends, a massage and a few hours down the Pinterest rabbit hole. The team will love you for it!