How To Pitch Like A Pro

I’m often asked how to nail a decent pitch email. Whether you’re looking for investors or hoping to collaborate, a well-written and exciting pitch can mean the difference between a great business opportunity and being marked as spam.

To help you learn the art of the perfect email pitch I’ve put together my top nine tips:

Make it about them

Open the email with a compliment or interesting fact about their business. Let them know you have researched their business and are engaged with what they do.

Compliment and relate their product

State clearly what you do in a short sharp way and relate that to what they’re doing. Why is it their specific product/brand can work with you?

Hyperlink like crazy!

When you mention your business make sure to hyperlink your relevant website/video content. This gives people the opportunity to investigate your brand more closely. TOP TIP: Make sure your links actually work!

Give call to action

Invite them to get in contact with you. Don’t leave the email too open ended, make sure you set up a time and date to speak about the next steps in your business collaboration together.

Attach examples

Attach any documents that will support who you are and what you’re about.  This is your opportunity to show them how awesome your business is!

Keep it short and sweet

Don’t tell your life story. Make it punchy and professional.

Email signature

Make sure you have a professional email signature that links to your social media accounts and business webpage.  Keep the signature neat and ensure the graphics align with your brand.

Words by Kaylene Langford