How To Run A Business When You Feel Like Shit

I recently had to learn the skill of keeping a business afloat whilst enduring personal turmoil. Let’s just say it was hell and I literally had to take life and business day by day, and sometimes even hour by hour. It wasn’t until a client of mine recently emailed me to ask advice on how I did it. It was then that I realised I have finally come through the other side. It’s been a few months now and I’m finally starting to feel back in my flow.

Life truly is full of ups and downs, and you can never really know what is around the corner. I thought I would share the email I sent back to my coaching client, incase there are fellow brothers and sisters out there who are in need of some inspiration on a shitty day.

My number one tip would be to remind yourself that it will pass. It feels like the worse thing in the world right now, but it is only a moment in time. I know it’s hard, but try not to get too attached to the emotions.

I listened to a great podcast that helped me to meditate, see the bigger picture and take control of my emotions, here is the link:

There were days when I had to listen to this podcast to get me out of bed! Thank you Tara Brach, you are were/are very helpful.

A couple of other pointers…

1. Try and have some rituals that ground you. I personally burned incense and sage, listened to yoga meditation music and read angel cards every morning. Find things that work for you.

2. I took myself to high vibration events (no drugs or alcohol). Things like women’s circles, chanting, and things that chilled me out. They took me out of my mind and gave me a community.

3. Give back to others. My coaching clients really helped me because I got to give to them.  For the hour or so that I got to make it all about them, I completely forget about my own shit.

4. Exercise; get outside and be healthy. Your body is experiencing stress, give it everything it needs to handle the stress properly. Drink water and eat nutritious meals.

5. See a therapist! I booked mine in for weekly sessions so I had something to look forward too.

I hope this helps.  I could go on for hours but I think the common theme is to get out of your head. Your mind is powerful and will play tricks on you and try and keep you stuck in the shit. Use your outside environment to create stability and comfort. Do what you love, go for nice dinners, take yourself for coffee or a walk on the beach. By taking control of your outside you can start to regain the control of the emotional side.

I’m also a big fan of finding time out! If you can, take shorter days off work or have an arrangement where you can leave if you need too. You don’t want to suppress your pain. When it comes up, you need to be able to cry and express it! Give it a voice and validate it.

This too shall pass.

Big love.

K x