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In conversation with Queen Timberlina



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This week I am so honoured to have the very first Queen to grace the Startup Creative soundwaves, the talented and wonderful Timberlina.

My conversation with Timberlina was so insightful and hilarious, from chatting about her first experience on stage in NYC doing the splits in the middle of a dance-off, getting wigs delivered to the work office on a construction site to using a little bit of liquid courage to email pubs and clubs in small rural towns to hireher bingo show.

We chat about how she was never really a part of the gay scene, but started to connect and learn moreabout the community once she took on the glamorous persona of Timberlina.

Her story is a beautiful example of flowing into your natural qualities and truly hustling and not letting ‘no’ get in the way of your dreams. She is breaking down barriers in small-town communities and educating people about the drag community by being inclusive, having a good laugh, and a lot of fun.

Timberlina shares some really epic business advice on how to start your creative side hustle and how you can kickstart your drag career by staying true to who you are and aligning yourself with people and companies who embody you and your brand

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