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In Conversation with Steph Taylor



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In today’s episode, I have a brilliant chat with a brilliant business mind and her name is Steph Taylor. Steph and I worked together in a coaching capacity a few years back now. She’s been on the podcast when she was doing more social media in her business, coaching, and training. 

Steph has recently pivoted her business to do launches, online courses, and teaching people how to make passive income through that business. Steph is brilliant at this, she’s a really hard worker, she has carved out her perfect business model. We share really good insights into boundaries in business. Steph has incredible insights and tips on how to say no and charge what you’re worth and stand behind what value you’re offering your clients. She shares some insights into how much to give for free, how to do an online course, I quiz her on some of the FAQs I get when people come to me and ask me in setting up passive income and she shares what it takes to get that set up in your business. She shares honest and beautiful insights into how she had to shift and change her business and what it’s like for her, the sacrifices she had to make, and what she is now offering, doing, and bringing to the world in a very successful way.

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