Living from an Abundance Mindset – Resources to help you stay focused and see opportunities

Existing in the world right now is a pretty overwhelming and fearful place. We are being inundated with messages of scarcity, lack and there seems to be a deep fear of the unknown amongst our fellow humans. 

It’s fair then enough that we default to a mindset of ‘not enough’ as we grasp at resources and dollars and we lose control of how we would normally choose to operate our everyday lives and businesses. 

Now more than ever is a time to rise above the emotions, feelings and belief systems of a lack mentality and channel abundance. Yes, it can be hard to connect to the idea that there IS enough to go around and we’re going to be ok when we are being fed messages from our governments, media and the local gossip of economic crises, empty shelves in supermarkets and people likely to go out of business, but there is always an alternative perspective. 

Whilst we might not have much control of the outside circumstances that are enforcing social isolation, business hours and human connection, there is a lot we can control and the most important of those is our mindset. 

Connecting to a mindset of abundance will help you to see opportunities, find gratitude in every day and live from a kind and generous heart centre that will help to heal the world at this time. 

Derren Brown, an Illusionist and mentalist did an incredible experiment where he sought to explore what makes people ‘lucky.’ He found that those who considered themselves lucky, were more open to opportunities of good fortune, whereas those who didn’t often act from a lack mentality of ‘nothing good happens to me’ and failed to snap up the same ‘lucky’ opportunities that were presented to them. 

‘It is a change in the state of mind or what I prefer to call it a change in the persons state of being that makes you see and be available for good opportunities to come you.’ – Derren Brown  

During this time, when the world seems to be falling apart, see if you can focus on the abundance all around you. Get out of the fear-driven tunnel vision that keeps you limited and open your mind, heart and eyes to opportunities. 

Instead of saying ‘I can’t’, ask yourself ‘how can this work?’ 

Here are some good resources I personally use to channel an abundance mindset and live from a place of abundant opportunities and infinite possibilities as well as some grounding advice and tools for staying calm in the midst of chaos.

Dr Joe Abundance Meditation

-Abraham Hicks – Ask and it is given book 

-Future self journals with Holistic Psychologist

-Esther Perel – article on connection and relationships at this time

-A Meditation Playlist I created: Centred and Whole

Free business development resources on StartUp Creative – take time to work on your business whilst you might be able to work ‘in it’ right now 

Derren Brown’s ‘Lucky’ experiment 

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Have a dance with my friend Ash’s 90’s playlist

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