What Makes A Good Business Name

Some names just come to you, with no thought, no rhyme or reason just a sheer moment of brilliance where you just really nail it. But let’s be real, coming up with the name of your business can often make us somewhat anxious. Like a passenger with a fear of flying, the flight itself may seem scary, but once you reach your destination, you know it was totally worth it.

A good business name is how a company introduces itself, it is the very first impression, and it is how your customers will perceive your brand from then on.

So, take your seat folks, as we run through what makes a brilliant business name:

01. Make it relevant

The connection between your business name and what you consider to be your specialty must be apparent to your customer. Like we said, a name is all about first impressions and if your customer doesn’t instantly connect with your brand then you’re bound to run into some turbulence.

Write down anything you can think of that speaks to your brand and the type of customer you want to attract. By process of elimination you are bound to have a few favourites (and a few fails) or at least some ideas that will point you in the right direction.

02. Keep it simple

When it all comes down to it, we humans aren’t a complicated bunch so when brainstorming it’s best to steer clear of long-winded names or ones with uncommon spelling which can sometimes get lost in translation. Just like that kid is class whose parents thought they’d be super fancy and over complicate a name that was beautifully simple – ‘Matthieu’ instead of good old Matthew. Seriously.

Save yourself the heartache and choose a name that’s simple, easy to pronounce and easy to spell.

03. Make it memorable

Great names are often short and sweet, and have that sticky-factor. A name that as soon as a friend says something slightly related, your brand comes straight to mind. Studies have shown that brevity lends itself to memorability. Take nike for example, the brand’s name originally stemmed from the Greek goddess of victory, and quite frankly, they have been consistently hitting it out of the park since. One syllable and four letters of memorable genius.

04. Though provoking

Your name should set the tone for your business, think about your brand positioning – will it be disruptive, intellectual, or timid? A good company name should be culturally on cue and appropriate for your values and positioning. Avoid trends and cute puns that only you understand.

05. It’s available

Once you’ve got that killer name, the one you just can’t get out of your head, the one you simply can’t fault, it’s time to seal the deal. A name really means nothing if it ain’t official – register your business name, purchase the domain name and if you haven’t already secured the name on social media, now’s the time to do so.