Mastering Google

Ahhh, SEO. Part art, part science and part just simply confusing. We know as well as anyone that SEO is a hard one to wrap your head around, so let’s break it down for you.

The better your site’s SEO the easier it is for your audience to find you. Sounds simple enough. But the harsh reality is; moving up the ranks in Google is about as easy as running a 10k marathon with only 3 days of training and a bottle of tequila the night before. Lucky for you, we’ve got some hot tips to optimise your pages and content in order to boost your SEO.

Know your keywords. Start with a little keyword research. Use a range of tools like AdWords Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Google Search Console you can figure out which keywords are lemons and which ones will set you on course for SEO success. (Note: people are lazy AF, no one searches for ‘cost-effective products’ they search for ‘cheap products’. It’s always good to keep in mind sometimes you need to dumb it down for the intended audience)  We all know by now google is by far the smartest human (robot-computer-thingy) alive. Page titles are super important to help Google understand what the page is about and provided a relevant rank accordingly. Your page title is that little piece of text displayed in your browser’s tab section and has a huge impact on your rankings. So make sure it is freaking relevant!

Write content for connection. Content = king. It’s not just about communicating a message, it’s about connecting with your audience on a personal level. Think beyond the words you choose, think about how you string them together and the tone of voice that binds them like glue. Any text on a website is called copy. It is quite possibly the most important section of any page. Your tone of voice humanises your brand and allows you to converse with your customers in a genuine and engaging way. Customer’s don’t want you talking at them like dollar signs, they want to hear an compelling, authentic voice that resonates with their own personality and heart strings. So be approachable and have some fun with it.

Flirt with Google. If Google is the Bachelor, then your copy is one of 20 Bachelorettes vying for his attention (whether you watch the Bachelor or not … this is a no judgement space). Not only does your copy keep your consumers engaged but everything written within the boundaries of your website determines your rank on google. Remember that keyword research you did before? Time, to put that hard work to play. You are going to sprinkle these words through your page’s content. But, don’t be too obvious about it. You don’t want to be yelling at your consumers and telling the same thing over and over and over again using the same four words. You’ll sound like a broken record and they’ll sniff out your dirty tricks a mile away. You’ll also want to put relevant links throughout all your pages. These can be to internal links on your website or even helpful external links. They are all picked up by Google (damn he is one smart cookie). When using images on webpages make sure to give them an appropriate name because yep, you guessed it. Google picks up on it. Google picks up on everything.

Make it skim-friendly. In today’s fast paced society, most people simply scan or quickly glance over website copy. We’re pretty sure only our mum’s are the only people still reading word for word. Now, more than ever, it is so important to have a strong headline and compelling, concise copy that communicates your idea and portrays your key messages.

There you have it. The 4-1-1 of all things SEO and Copy. We know you’re gonna smash it – go get ‘em tiger.