Nailing your sales strategy for 2019 in 5 simple steps

Keen to start 2019 with a bang? Here are my 5 simple steps to help you nail your business sales in the new year. 

1. Get clear on the problem you are solving for your customer. Your job as a business owner is to understand the pain points of your customer. What are their problems, priorities, and needs? Just like in everyday life, problems or pain in our life/business is often where the desire for change/searching for a solution comes from. If you can clearly identify the problems that your customers are experiencing and showcase the valuable solution that you have to offer them that will genuinely alleviate their pain, your sales will be a walk in the park. When people are in pain and are desperately in need for answers or a solution, it doesn’t matter what the price point is, they just need someone they trust with the right solution to help them fix it. Show your customer that that is YOU and your business and they will come along for the ride. 

2. Clean up your online presence. Having a strong digital presence is a powerful tool for generating sales in your business. Right now there is likely to be someone reading your blog posts, listening to your podcast, stalking your Instagram or talking about you to someone they know. More often than not, customers are making up their mind about you and your business long before they engage with you via email or purchase anything from you. Make sure your online presence is on point so when they do come stalking your channels you leave a good first impression that will make them come back for more.

Consider these touch points as a place to start the clean up: 

  • Go through your website and clean up your copy – make it clear, inspiring and easy to read 
  • Make sure the customer experience of getting to the checkout on your website is easy to navigate and smooth 
  • Do you have contact details in your social media bios?
  • Have you invested in search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Do you have a freebie on your website?
  • Are you inviting your customer to join a mailing list and offering a reward?
  • Are you active on social media?
  • Do you reply to comments and DM’s on social media?
  • Do you direct traffic to your website frequently?
  • Do you have free blogs and content for your customer to enjoy in their own time?
  • Do you have frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) for your customer to help themselves too? 

3. Consistently show up. Consistency is key when it comes to being successful. I’m always inspired by professional athletes in this way. Serena Williams didn’t decide one day that she wanted to be a world champion, play tennis a few times and then hope for the best. She started training at age three and to this day consistently shows up in her training, mindset, health, and tournaments to move in the direction of being world #1. Don’t for a second think it’s ok to launch a business, throw together a website and post here and there on social media and that will be enough to generate the successful business of your dreams. If you want it bad enough, you will dedicate time every single day to learning, growing and investing in yourself and your business. Show up, consistently.     

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4. Use video content. In my opinion video content is the next big thing. My advice, get in the game now and get used to it quick smart. You can’t hide behind filters with video content, it calls people to be authentic and real about what’s going down in their business. Use Instagram stories as a fun and temporary way to start playing with producing video content that engages your audience on a deeper level and showcases a different side to your business. Tell your brand story, showcase your processes, talk to them, have fun and develop your unique tone and style with video. Be real and authentic, people are craving that.

5. Leverage email marketing. Email marketing is a way in which you can maintain a relationship with your customer and keep them as ‘warm leads’ until they are ready to buy. The reality is that your customer won’t always see your social media posts so being able to pop up into their inbox on a regular basis is a smart way to stay in touch.  The more they hear from you and are reminded of the solution that you have for their problems, the more likely they are to grow in trust of you and eventually move towards spending money with you. Build yourself a sexy email template that showcases value (not just what you have for sale) and make it your New Years resolution to send it out regularly. Watch what a difference that it makes to your sales and customer relationships. 

For more help on a digital marketing strategy, get in touch for a 1:1 business overhaul session or DIY with our Marketing 101 ebook & workbook. 


Happy selling.