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On Self-Belief and Creative with Delta Venus



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I’ve been following Paige aka Delta Venus for a few years now and have been in absolute awe of how beautifully and consciously her artwork and witten pieces have developed into a complete embodiment of self. Starting out in the design industry, Paige decided to follow her ‘strange pull’ that was leading her in a
direction that she was taught was most likely not going to get her any success. Shifting from a regular and scheduled routine to being led intuitively, Paige believes that you can create from a place of ease and joy and get the results you want if you can let go of your egoic expectations.
We had such a great conversation about her process in shifting to a mindstate of attracting work you love, finding your calling and having the self-belief to achieve what you want in a high performing flow state despite the messages in our society today.

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