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On Trusting The Timing of Creativity



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What’s your flow state?

Are you waking up on Monday morning, crunching hours, and feeling exhausted with the amount of work you think you need to do? Or, are you putting your focus on tasks that feel right for you at that moment?

Today I wanted to discuss with you the whole idea of timing and getting into a manageable and comfortable flow state. Sometimes we can be so hard-hitting, fast-moving, and embrace a more masculine side of our energy, other times we embody the more feminine, floaty, and gentle side. In order for us to continue growing our business and ourselves, we must find the perfect mix of these two sides.

I wanted to share with you two personal stories of divine timing. Of wanting something so badly but not having it work out for you, to one day having the opportunity present itself in a way you least expected it. I want to encourage you that if you’re creating something right now and it’s not happening, tune in to yourself and see what flow you need to get into to let it come to fruition.

I’m really excited to share with you some information about the StartUp Creative membership offering which I chat a bit about at the end of this episode. Enjoy, K. x

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