5 Day Mindset Shift 2.0

5 Day Mindset Shift 2.0


What a wild time and world we are living in!

With so much uncertainty going on in the world right now it can be hard to stay focused, motivated and inspired on your business goals and daily tasks. A lot of people are struggling to be creative in their business, manage working from home and staying focused and motivated. I feel you! I’ve been pulling on every trick, habit and hack up my sleeve to inspire myself into taking action on my business tasks and goals.

I’ve complied a list of all the things we as a collective have been struggling with and all of the knowledge and hacks I have learnt over the years on how to ‘just start’ to teach you exactly how I get & stay motivated to take action in my business amongst these uncertain times.

No matter what stage of your business you’re at or if you’ve have an idea swirling around you in your head for a while and are frustrated at not getting anywhere with it, this 5 day challenge will give you the tools to kick you into gear & you’ll walk away with: 

clarity on what you want to achieve & how to break it down into actionable steps

-mindset hacks for moving beyond fear and self doubt

-daily routines, habits, exercises and processes to embed ongoing focus, motivation and productivity in your day to day

-accountability & daily inspiration to keep you on track

You’re invited to join me for a 5 day Mindset Shift to learn and implement these into your daily life to better harness your focus, gain clarity and increase productivity to take action on your business goals.


We will cover: 

  • Productivity 
    • The power of a to-do list and how it helps your brain to focus & preserve energy
    • Time management & how to design your day to actually get shit done
    • What to do when you are struggling to ‘just start’
    • Apps, systems and processes I personally use to stay organised and focused
    • How to utilise social media & automation in your business & not get derailed
  • Morning Routines
    • Why they work
    • How to craft the perfect one for you
  • Setting up your environment 
    • How to use outside triggers and stimulus to trigger yourself into action
    • Surrounding yourself with the right people and how and why it helps
  • Focus & Investment 
    • Identify where to focus your energy in your business
    • How to prioritise your workload for the best return on investment
    • Where and when to invest your time, money and resources in your business
    • How to know what and when to outsource in your business so as to not stay stagnate
    • How to improve & harness your physical energy for increased focus throughout the day
  • Goal Setting 
    • How to find the sweet spot with setting a goal that will inspire you to take action instead of procrastinate
    • A formula for breaking down big goals into actionable steps
  • Resilience 
    • How to activate & harness momentum in times of uncertainty
    • What you need to know about power of taking action & how it will motivate you to get going
  • Inspiration & Creativity 
    • How to find inspiration in lockdown
    • Tapping into your creativity with restrictions and uncertainty
  • Daily Habits & Routines 
    • Mindset tips for understanding implementing and sticking to habits to help you achieve success
    • Practical success habits and routines that you can get started with today
  • Overcoming the mind 
    • How to identify what’s holding you back and move through it
    • Tips for facing fear and self doubt in your business
    • How to have an abundance mindset in a world of chaos and panic

How it will work:

  1. Sunday 26th September – self guided goal setting activity in preparation for the week ahead – Email & PDF Download
  2. Monday 27th September-  1 hour live training with Kaylene on Zoom & group check in & accountability check in  – Video Training 8am AEST
  3. Tuesday 28th September – self guided practices, tips and exercises with resources to keep you motivated & focused  – Email & PDF downloads
  4. Wednesday 29th September – 1 hour live training with Kaylene on Zoom & group check in & accountability checkin  – Video Training 8am AEST
  5. Thursday 30th September – self guided practices, tips and exercises with resources to keep you motivated & focused  – Email & PDF Download
  6. Friday 1st October– 1 hour live training & Q&A with Kaylene on  Zoom & group check in, wrap up and tips for moving forward-  Video Training 8am AEST

*if you can’t make the calls live you will be sent the recording post the training.


Take Home Resources: 

  • Guided meditation for Sunday evening goal setting
  • To-do list template
  • Goal setting PDF & template
  • Playlist, routines and rituals to help prime your environment for success
  •  Apps, systems, processes that I personally use for productivity
  • Book & podcast recommendations


Registrations close midnight Saturday 25th of September.

*Spaces are limited to ensure participants receive personalise support & check-ins.


All registrations will go in the running to win a $1000 WFH pick me up pack including a MOCCAMASTER Coffee Machine from our friends at Nord Coffee, ML Coffee, one hour of 1:1 Business Coaching with Kay & copy of How to Start a Side Hustle Book.

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