MASTERCLASS: 5 Year Planning & Business Goal Setting

MASTERCLASS: 5 Year Planning & Business Goal Setting


If you want something different you have to DO something different.

We’re halfway through what was bound to be a massive year and with so many wild unexpected twists and turns, now is the perfect time to reset your goals, direction and vision for your life and your business.


If you’ve found yourself feeling overwhelmed, unclear or totally inspired about where you want to go next but are struggling to find the next steps to bring it all to life – join me for this 1-hour training to help you

  • get clear on what you want to achieve

  • nail down the goals, targets and measurable outcomes of what that looks like

  • make a clear action plan to bring it all to life

I’ll work with you to skill yourself up on business strategies, goal setting hacks and making a logical plan to refocus on your goals for the year and most importantly bring them all to life.

I personally learnt this process of making a 5-year plan and breaking it down into achievable steps 5 years ago when I first started my business and have since had the privilege of seeing so many of my wildest dreams come to life.


By allowing ourselves to zoom out and dream into a future that seems far off we are able to open our minds to our greatest potential and feel optimistic and assured that we have enough time, resources and opportunities to bring our goals to life.


Whether you’ve outgrown your 2020 dreams already or perhaps you’ve pivoting your career with the rapid and significant changes in the world around us – we can use this time to reconnect to whatt you truly desire for our lives and take back the control to bring them to life.


A game-changer for me was the moment I realised that NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE ME! And that I had to take back the controls of this once in a lifetime opportunity to

What I know for sure is that WHAT YOU FOCUS ON EXPANDS! So if you’re sitting there right now wishing for something more for your life, business, income, relationships or passport stamps – now is the time to get LASER focused on what you want to create for your life in the new decade that will soon to be upon us.

I can tell you right now that most people don’t get what they want in life because they simply don’t know what they want.


The moment you sit down with a clear mind and connect to your wildest dreams, they begin to unfold before your very eyes.

In order to experience the magic, you must be willing to do the work! Sounds easy right, but it does take work. No one is handing you your dream life any time soon.

The good news is, if you’re brave enough to get real with your desires & committed enough to take action in the face of fear, you will achieve your goals.

With the right strategies to master your mind, overcome self-doubt and discipline yourself to keep moving in the direction of your dreams every single day, you can and will have whatever you’re capable of dreaming off.


So, are you ready to get outstanding results that will make you proud as punch come the end of the year?

In this workshop, we will:


-identify the shame and unworthiness that stands between you and your wildest dreams and biggest goals

-learn tools for cultivating the courage it takes to go after your deepest desires  

-master practical skills for taking clear and deliberate action towards your goals 

-strategies for implementing a game-changing morning routine to increase focus, clarity and productivity 

-powerful tools for holding a clear intention for where you’re heading even when dreams aren’t a reality yet

-overcome scarcity, fear and self-doubt that keeps you small

-learn how to trust yourself and learn into your truest potential

-gain clarity on what it is that you really want for your life & business in the next 5 years

-make a strategic action plan to bring your goals to life off the paper

-decide on the best direction to take to make real progress on these goals

-skill you up with tips, tricks and hacks to hit the ground running – starting now

– mindset strategies & daily habits that will ensure you stay on track long into the future

-+loads more

The Details:

-1-hour practical workshop

– Immediate download available upon purchase  – recording, workbook & bonus resources

-Presented by Kaylene (founder of StartUp Creative & Business Coach)

-Workbook with all activities we will be covering in the workshop

-daily planner template

-beautifully designed custom note pad template for you to print and use

Got more questions? Drop me a line, I’d love to chat