Have you got an idea for a business but aren’t sure where to start or how to get it really cranking? Are you inspired and passionate, but hungry for clarity and direction to help take your business/concept/project/idea to the next level? Have you finally accepted that you hate your job and are ready to start making a living doing what you love?

Business coaching is for you.

As a business coach, I have personally worked with 100’s of people to help them kickstart their business ideas and build their own empires . My deepest passion is helping you to design the life and career of your dreams. Being an entrepreneur and starting and running your own business has the power to free you from the 9-5 rate race and the opportunity to reach your true earning potential.

My own personally journey lead me to leaving the corporate world and jumping in the deep end of building my own business. I can honestly say it has been the hardest yet most rewarding thing I have ever done for myself and my family.

Being an entrepreneur has opened doors for me to be my truest creative self, uncap my earning potential, live a more balanced and healthy life, spend more time with my friends, family and lovers and invest in myself and my deepest passions.

It’s true, when you create a job you love for yourself, you will never have to work another day in your life.

If you have an idea for a business, now is the time to take massive action. There has been no better time follow your passion and be an entrepreneur. Get in touch for 1:1 business coaching today and I will teach you everything I know about how to start and run a successful business that will gift you with the ultimate gift, FREEDOM. No matter what stage of your business you are at, be it just an idea or a registered business with staff, I’d love to work with you. Your 1 hour session with me will be tailored to your specific needs and can cover a range of the following topics depending on where you’re at.

Topics covered

  • Refining your business idea and testing it in the market place
  • Choosing and setting up your business structure
  • Importance on defining and finding your target market
  • Branding 101 and overhaul’s – where and when to start, and how much to spend
  • How to launch and effectively use your website to make more sales
  • Defining your tone of voice and how to roll it out across your business
  • Effective content creation strategies, timelines and execution
  • Planning and implementing marketing strategies across all platforms
  • Developing engaging social media content and strategies for online following growth
  • Refining your sales and advertising plan, budgets and implementation strategy
  • Streamlining your business logistics & back end administration systems
  • Goal setting and measuring your business growth
  • Setting up lead generation and sales funnels

Coaching Testimonials

“My recent 1:1 coaching session with Kaylene was just what I needed to get my butt into gear. She was honest and upfront about where I need to invest my time and what to do to get my startup off the ground. She set goals with me and gave me clarity for the direction of my business. It was so great to run through my ideas with someone that understood my vision! I now feel focused, driven and confident that my business ideas are more than just a pipe dream. Thanks so much Kaylene!”

— Meg


“Super savvy, super stylish and totally on the ball is how I would describe, Kaylene. I arrived at Kaylene’s office feeling overwhelmed with a million ideas racing around my head, and confused about where I should be focussing my energy… because I want everything perfect and happening NOW! Kaylene was awesome, I love that she understood my vision and my product right off the bat and was able to see exactly what needed attention and what needed to go on the “One Day List” As Kaylene shared her own experiences, challenges and successes, it felt great knowing that the fear, self doubt and frustration I was experiencing was normal and that I am actually on the right track. I left feeling excited, a lot clearer and with a toolbox full of awesome business tips, ideas and contacts! Definitely feeling focussed, driven and inspired again, she really knows her stuff! Thank you!! x”

— Priya


“As fate would have it, my partner and I (who are complete foreigners to the grown up world of business) took a chance on a young, passionate and inspiring entrepreneur in the hopes that she might at least be able to help us create some sort of order with our creative and hectic ideas. All I can say is – she was FANTASTIC and so much more!!! We now have a set path, goals to accomplish and a much better understanding of what needs to happen next. We are excited, inspired and ready to crank out some amazing things! See you again soon!!! ”

— Mellissa & Osa


“I would definitely recommend Kaylene at Startup Creative as an amazing person to have a chat to if you are in business or thinking of starting up! She was really easy to talk to, both positive & full of helpful advice which was really refreshing. I felt inspired & motivated after chatting with her & look forward to staying in contact. Thanks again!”

— Stella


“Before speaking with Kaylene I was in a bit of a business rut. It was really motivating and relieving to talk through concerns, ideas, goals and progress with her in such an honest way. She was understanding and so encouraging. She took time to learn about me and my business and we based growth and goals based on my lifestyle situation and how I want my business to grow. I’ll definitely be continuing the coaching with her as my business progresses! Thank you”

— Kimberly