YOU’VE TAKEN THE PLUNGE... Flipped your nine-to-five soul-sucker the middle finger and devoted yourself to building the business of your dreams. You’ve crafted a hustle-and-heart drenched product/service, come up with a creative launch plan and spent your spare time daydreaming of soaring success. But … what the hell next?

That’s where What the Hell Next? comes in… An e-book for aspiring entrepreneurs ready to harness strategic marketing tools to immediately grow their customer base, make some serious cash and build a killer empire.

Jammed full of wisdom and marketing hacks from immensely inspiring fellow start-ups., each segment of What the Hell Next is designed to introduce you to an element of the marketing mix and guide you in your path to marketing mastery. What’s inside What The Hell Next?:

Chapter 1. Positioning yourself in the market place with Ainslie

Chapter 2. Nailing your brand values with Smack Bang Designs

Chapter 3. Telling your brand story with Tess Guinery

Chapter 4. How collaboration can elevate your brand with Collabosaurus

Chapter 5. Nailing your social media with Chloe from Social Media Creative

Chapter 6. How to generate and capture leads with Flagship Digital

Chapter 7. Content creation with Juliet Allen

Chapter 8. Getting your head around Facebook ads with The Creative Collective

Chapter 9. Print advertising with Kaylene, Startup Creative’s editor

Chapter 10. Media and PR with The Pineapples

Chapter 11. Positioning yourself in the market place with Ainslie

Chapter 12. WTF is SEO? With Rory from Easy Consulting

What’s the go with the workbook?

It’s all well and good to read a book about marketing, but unless you take action on the advice it means sh*t right? But when the pro’s start rambling about ‘lead funnels, market analysis and SEO’ it doesn’t take long for the overworked startup/founder mind to throw it all in the ‘too hard’ basket.

That’s where the WORKBOOK comes to the rescue. This little fella is designed to help you take immediate action to develop your legit marketing strategy.

When you read the E-Book you will notice prompt’s to visit the workbook….so that’s exactly what you do!

Where the E-book gives you straight up advice, our friend the workbook will give you the tools to DO IT!

On completion of the workbook…

On completion of the workbook, you will have done the following:

  • A 12 month plan, goals and targets for your business
  • Comprehensive market research and analysis
  • Priced your products/service, clear profit margins and marketing positioning
  • Set up customer incentives for your business
  • Brand values and tone of voice
  • Instagram content strategy
  • Mood board for your business
  • Strategy for launching new products/services
  • Collaboration pitch and plan
  • Social media health check
  • Defined understanding of your target market
  • Full social media content strategy
  • Developed a leads funnel
  • Website health check
  • Online content strategy
  • Content schedule and roll out plan
  • Strategy for Facebook Advertising
  • Imported your mailing list/contacts to Facebook Ad’s
  • Scope for print advertising potential
  • PR health check
  • Developed a media release for your business
  • Decided on your SEO keywords
  • PLUS MUCH MUCH MORE! (2 X Bonus chapters)